Yes! Young Master! The maid hurriedly responded.

That\’s right, let me wait for a battle at the Hundred Clan Conference. The eyes of the big brother Lingxuanjian showed endless sharpness, and a monstrous fighting spirit emerged.We also fight!The descendants of hundreds of Lingshen\’s lines swept away from the previous decadence, and their morale was like a rainbow through the nine days. They stepped forward one after another, like a master of a hundred battles. This kind of aura made even the Golden Gods feel scared. This is no longer true. It is a kind of momentum, but a special kind of momentum. Under the single mind of all people, it can burst out a \”potential\” that surpasses its own momentum, just like a sharp edge on the battlefield, unstoppable.Jin Youqian\’s cheek twitched a few times, and he could naturally feel how terrible the \”power\” that these children radiated from under the same heart. Even though these people have different strengths, their hearts are merged into one at this moment. , It is simply unbreakable.If this group of people grow up and maintain this kind of bold and single-minded fighting spirit, why can\’t the spirits and spirits get up?Damn… Jin Youqian was very angry. Originally, when he faced Ling Zhantian, he had already begun to design. First, he attacked Ling Zhantian, causing his old injuries to recur, and then stimulated the children of Ling Shen. People, let them be blindfolded by hatred. At the Hundred Clan Conference, these people will be limited in their performance, and at most 90% of the combat power will be good.But!But because of the words in Shanghai, not only did his plan completely shattered, but it also allowed the children of the spirits and spirits to gather in the hearts of the people, showing a potential momentum. If this trend is maintained, the children of the spirits and spirits are here. At the Hundred Clan Conference, more than ten percent of the combat power will be supernormal.That\’s all!What makes Jinyouqian vomit blood even more is that among the nine children of the Jinshen clan who participated in the Hundred Clan Conference, three of them were the most affected, because these threeHis father was abolished by his Shanghai father. He was lying in bed and unable to take care of himself all his life. These three had witnessed the tragedy of their fathers since they were young, and had already buried a nightmare in their hearts.Brat…Jin Youqian hates Shanghai so much that he can\’t wait to smash his body into pieces, but he can\’t make a move here. Even if he can make a move, Ling Zhantian will not watch, he will definitely make a move. If God City intervenes, he will eventually suffer. It\’s him.Make us unable to dream anymore? I hope you have this ability…The masked man raised his head, Sen Leng glanced at Shanghai with his right eye, his expression was not emotional, he lowered his head slightly, and said nothing, because it is useless to say at the moment, everything can only be seen at the Hundred Clan Conference.We are waiting for you…Boy, I hope you can pass the general assembly assessment, otherwise it would be too boring.Your words, I will return to you as well, don\’t let me meet your disciples of the spirit and spirit, or I will become your eternal nightmare.The children of the Golden God line all let go of their cruel words, but compared to the aura of the hundreds of Lingshen lines, they have a low voice and there is no way. Even if they condense all the aura, they can’t resist this gathering. One-minded \”potential.\”go!

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