Conferred God Terrace!The area covers tens of thousands of miles and is divided into eight areas, and each area has ordinary and special competition places.By the time the line of spirits and gods arrive, the main stage of the Conferred God Platform has gathered millions of descendants of the ancient gods. In addition, there are countless aborigines of the city of Gods, the number of which is amazing. .The second round has not yet begun, the main stage is full of voices, and the children of the spirits and spirits can\’t help but feel excited when they feel the atmosphere.In the past, almost everyone was talking about various topics, and the most was the predictions of the top ten candidates in this Hundred Clan Conference.Let me say that the one who is most likely to get the first place this time is His Royal Highness Ba Yu of the God Clan of Heaven\’s Punishment, the head of the main clan. This Highness was only forty-six years old when he participated in the last Hundred Clan Conference. If he won the third place, if it weren\’t because he was too young and didn\’t have enough years of training, he would have already hit the first place. With his current ability, he could definitely hit the first place.His Royal Highness Ba Yu does have a chance to win the first place, but don\’t forget that in this generation of God City, there are not only His Royal Highness Ba Yu, but also the gods of the other four main clans. These people are no less talented or capable. His Royal Highness, it\’s hard to tell who is the best.The main race is strong, but there are also many branches. The descendants of the ancient gods that rank in the top ten of the branches are not the general ones. The last time they occupied 32 positions in the top 50, especially This person also has a chance to win the ranks of the light gods who entered the top ten last time.What you are talking about is the old history of the last session. I don\’t deny that these people have the chance to aspire. But I heard that in the past three hundred years, the five main clans have appeared some less weaker than the Ba Yu and others in the past. Yes, among them, the Underworld clan who is the main clan has a female Royal Highness named Ming Yuyan. It is said that she has reached the top-level holy qualifications, which is higher than the high-level holy qualifications of Ba Yu and others. , She may also be the first.No matter what you say, the descendants of the top ten of the five main tribes and branches of God City are likely to aspire. They are definitely in the top 20 this year, and the rest of the branches are just passable!Maybe there will be some dark horses?Dark horse? It\’s almost impossible.Who said it was impossible? At the Hundred Clan Conference six hundred years ago, a huge dark horse appeared. I heard that this person came from which branch of the Protoss… The branch has been passed down from ancient times to the present, but unfortunately it has long since fallen, but it was a big surprise 600 years ago. The kid rushed to the second place in one fell swoop, almost vying for the first place. Yes, it is him.Lingshen Yimei? I have seen this branch. One term is worse than the other. Except for the last one who barely entered the top 50 and got the seed to enter the third round, only two people passed the second round. The results of those two people in the first round belonged to the middle and lower ones. It is impossible to have the amazing action that happened six hundred years ago.Under the leadership of Ling Zhantian, everyone came to the arranged position.Along the way, Shanghai heard many people talking, and he was keenly aware that the most talked about by these people were the five main tribes.The five main tribes!It is the head of all ancient gods, each of the main clan has a very long history, almost no less than the spirit of the spirit, of course, the strength of the five main clan is also the first of all ancient gods branch, it is said that the five main clan still in charge The power of a part of the temple.It can be said that the five main clans are the kings in the branches of the ancient gods, and the branches of the spirits and gods can only be regarded as generals.Chapter 0810 lost

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