This feeling is very familiar. Shanghai is reminded of the ancient relics that I saw in the place where the Ming clan is located. The mountains there are spiritual, but they are not as good as the mountains here. They are extremely spiritual, and even every stone contains Strong spirituality.

The twisted void squeezed towards the monster man in the center from all sides, and all divine might and skills glowed with immense power.This is the collaboration of more than ninety powerful people of the earth evil level. The power is so powerful that even the older generations of the first world honor level feel that they are too strong in their hearts. Even if they are in it, although they can not be injured, but Will also be repelled.Facing this immense power, the monster man snorted softly, his pupils showed a weird light, and then a black arc appeared on his body, and the whole world seemed to be absorbed in an instant. In the same way, all the light, time, and even everything have been sucked in, and even time and space have been reversed.Perceiving this black arc, the faces of the top powerhouses of the Four Races Alliance present changed, and they stared at that arc. No one knew better than them what it was.Yi Shizun\’s reincarnation mood…How is it possible, how can this appear on a guy at the semi-sage master level? He is only at the semi-sage master level, how can it be possible to have the reincarnation mood of the first world.Looking at the arc of the artistic conception, it is extremely smooth, even the time and space and everything has been taken away… Xuanji\’s cheek trembled, \”Dzogchen, the realm of the Great Perfection of the first world, this person actually has a World of Great Perfection in the semi-holy master. Realm, this is incredible…\”The vast and extreme offensive was all incorporated into it, as if a rock sinking into the sea, and more than ninety-odd evil-level powerhouses were involved one after another. Some who felt strong about the crisis subconsciously retreated. Some were not so lucky and were strangled on the spot.Patter…More than sixty strong men of the earth evil level were shaken out, and their bones had long been shattered, a mouthful of blood continued to gush out, and immediately lost their combat effectiveness.In this scene, even the powerhouse of the evil spirit level was shaken. The monster man didn\’t even move at all, but a black arc was shaken out. More than ninety strong people of the evil spirit level died. Many of them, and the remaining sixty-odd people were also broken and seriously injured…The faces of the top powerhouses of the Four Nations Alliance were extremely ugly.The semi-holy master has the artistic conception of the first world deity at the peak, which has broken their inherent concept, because in their view, only after reaching the highest holy master level will they begin to understand the reincarnation artistic conception, and thus step into the first world deity level. But the monster man in front of him did this in the semi-holy master…Chapter 0930 half of the powerIt’s no wonder that the monster man dared to fight all the powerhouses of the younger generation of the Four Races Alliance with one person. With his comprehension of the reincarnation mood of the first life, he has occupied an absolute advantage. This is equivalent to a strong man at the pinnacle of the first world The power is suppressed at the same level as the semi-holy master.In terms of realm, the younger generation of powerhouses in the Four Races Alliance, even Tiansha is not its opponent.What makes the top powerhouses of the four races even more chilling is that the reincarnation artistic conception that this person comprehends has reached a level of great perfection that they can hardly reach.You must know that even Xuanji, who has the most thorough understanding of the reincarnation realm, has only reached the level of semi-satisfaction. It is precisely because of this that he can surpass the powers of many of the peaks of the second world, and rank among the elders of the temple gods. .Looking at the monster man in Shanghai, the restlessness in his heart became more intense, and the other party also brought him a lot of shock. At the peak of the semi-Holy Lord, he has the reincarnation mood that can only be possessed by the level of the first world deity. This is too much for him. I was shocked.There is absolutely no such person in the Great Wilderness World. Shanghai can be sure of this. If there is, this person would not be so unknown.

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