But this opportunity is a god given opportunity. You can\’t miss it. The female practitioner in front is just a great accomplishment in the golden elixir period. It\’s not the best persimmon. God helps me.

Although this amount is not large, it surprised him quite a bit for Shanghai. You must know that even if the power of the high-grade god source was absorbed in the past, it could only increase the blood of the ancient demon a little. It can\’t be compared.Is it because I have consumed too much, so that after absorbing the high-grade god source, the blood of the ancient demon will increase more than before? Shanghai speculated in his heart.It should be like this!After the display of the ancient demon sacred body, the power that the body of Shanghai can hold is almost equivalent to the powerhouse who comprehend the peak of the three worlds\’ reincarnation artistic conception. Coupled with the thickness of the chaotic power, he seldom exhausts his own power, but this time It was an accident. The power of the gods was almost exhausted, but he did not expect that the body after the loss would absorb more power of the gods, and the blood of the ancient demon would be far more than before.If you continue to exhaust the power in the future, then absorb…However, this requires a lot of high-grade god sources, and to achieve the blood of the ancient demon completely covering the whole body, the estimated high-grade god sources will be at least tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions.Shanghai didn\’t think much about it, anyway, it won\’t be a short-term thing to completely turn into an ancient demon. From ancient times to the present, it would take tens of thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of years, for every ancient demon to completely cover his body with blood.Um?Shanghai frowned, keenly aware of a faint killing intent from the crowd. Although the killing intent was well hidden, he still noticed it.Someone wants to kill me…Shanghai can be sure that his mind suddenly retracted, and his perception slowly released, flowing past like mercury. When he touched where the killing intent was, the other party suddenly raised his head, his eyes gleaming with faint light.Is it discovered by you? No matter, you are dead anyway.The voice of Yinsisi, like a murmur of a ghost, rang in Shanghai\’s ears, without the slightest emotion, and some were pure killing intent.suddenly!Six figures swept out of the crowd, like ghosts, and swept towards Shanghai silently. These six people have different body shapes, but the whole body exudes an extremely cold breath, like a dark night, quietly. The bombardment came.There was no sound of power slamming the void, and no momentum overflowed.But it was precisely this that made the entire body of Shanghai chill, because he sensed that the shots were six powerful men who understood the reincarnation of the Fourth Blessed One, and their speed was even more terrifying, reaching five hundred times the boundary speed. At the same speed, the surrounding powerhouses did not react at all.Ancient Demon Eucharist!Shanghai had no time to stand up, and his body burst out with a strong bronze light.boom……

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