The farther to the back, every drop of ancient demon blood was born, the greater the amount of the best god source was consumed.Three days later!There was a violent tremor from the secret room, and the bronze light rammed the whole secret room. The eyes of Shanghai completely turned into a bronze color, and an ancient imprint was formed on the center of the eyebrows. This is the second stage of the ancient magic sacred body. The imprint of the ancient demon condensed.Unstoppable power came out from the seal of the ancient demon, spreading along the eyebrows to the whole body. Although there was no special ability in the second stage, Shanghai felt that the strange power contained in the blood of its own ancient demon was even greater than before. Much stronger.With the strange power in my body right now, even if the body is completely broken and only the head is left, it can be recovered in an instant… Shanghai Xin said.This is the benefit brought by the upgrade of the ancient demon\’s sacred body. Originally, the heart was one of the deadly key points. Once it was completely broken, it would have to exhaust the strange power in the ancient demon\’s blood to recover, but now it is different, even though The heart is completely shattered, and Shanghai can still recover as long as the head still exists.In addition, after the Ancient Demon Eucharist reached the second stage, Shanghai\’s physical power has faintly surpassed its own realm.One hundred thousand ancient demon blood is only the second stage.Once the blood of the ancient demon reaches a million and waters the whole body, then Shanghai can begin to transform and become a real ancient demon. However, to make the blood of the ancient demon reach one million, the process is extremely difficult and it takes a long time. Thousands of years, or even ten thousand years, will do.Shanghai is not in a hurry. With its current physique, it is enough to deal with this battlefield of gods.It\’s time to go out and have a look, and collect the materials for refining the wild patterns by the way. Shanghai opened the closed chamber.As soon as he walked out, Killing and others rushed over.Chen Master! Killing off handed over.Something? Shanghai noticed the look of Killing and couldn\’t help asking.Well, the disciple of Mu Xuezong came to visit yesterday, and sent an invitation. After killing Mie, he offered a white jade invitation.Oh? Shanghai took it smoothly, his mind sinking into it, and after a while he retracted his mind, frowning slightly.Master Chen, what\’s the matter? Mie Mie asked.Mu Xuezong summoned all the powers of the gods, including our Tianchen Alliance, intending to divide the Taixu realm. Shanghai said.Tai Xu domain is divided… Killing and others were startled.Immediately, Chi Xing and others beamed with joy and said, \”Master Chen, this is a good thing.\”

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