\”Two seniors, this is manager Lu of our Yandan square. These two are seniors who want to sell pills.\” the young man smiled and retreated behind the counter.

Boom…The strong are like lasing meteorites, one after another being smashed out, those with killing intent, were blown up in the air, and those with the heart of playing were photographed broken and seriously injured and fell to the ground. Shanghai just left. In the past, all the powerful men who were culled were all shaken out. From beginning to end, he didn\’t even move a single hand.Chapter 0975The resident of the Gods Domain Alliance erupted with loud noises, like meteorites falling on the ground, smashing deep pits one by one.Even the powerhouses of God\’s Realm who were in the closed chamber were aware that they broke through the barriers one after another and rushed towards the entrance of the resident. These powerhouses of the retreat were all figures of the guard level, and several of them even understood the Second World Zun. Reincarnation mood.Boom…The earth roared, and the surrounding halls were continuously affected.now!In the hall of Yishi at the rear, soundproofing and special barriers are arranged above, and no movement outside is noticed.Inside the hall!Shenlong looked at Ming Yuyan standing below with a smile, still wearing a black veil, but with his graceful figure and glamorous temperament, the more he looked at his heart, the more he moved, removing Ming Outside Yu Yan, there were Yilan and others on the side, all of which had been imprisoned by special enchantments.Yes, it\’s no wonder that Shanghai will take you with you when you come to the battlefield of Gods. Such wonderful people, even in God\’s Domain, are quite rare. Are you waiting for him to save you? Shen Long stared at Ming Yuyan.Ming Yuyan still had a cold face and ignored it. She also knew that she would not get out so easily if she fell into Shenlong\’s hands. As for Shanghai rescue, she never expected it, and Shenlong\’s strength was too terrifying. , Also as Yilan who comprehended the second world\’s reincarnation artistic conception, could only withstand a blow.Compared with what I saw in the past, Shenlong\’s strength has become even more terrifying.At this moment, her heart is full of contradictions. She hopes that Shanghai will save her, but she does not want him to die. This feeling is born from her heart. She cannot resist and suppress, so she can only force her to be calm. In fact, she also knows that Shanghai The probability of coming is very low.After all, there is only one fate, and if he rushes in rashly, what else can he do besides sending him to death? Moreover, she has seen too many cultivators, in order to survive, betray her friends, brothers and even the closest people, is she selfish?It is selfish, but the practice is cruel. No one would be willing to ruin his life for the rest of the people. Moreover, her relationship with Shanghai is not even considered as a friend. It can only be regarded as mutual assistance. In fact, it is not counted, because She didn\’t help much from start to finish.Shenlong, you capture us, aren\’t you afraid that the gods of the city will punish you? a strong man of the Independent Alliance was unwilling to say.God\’s rule?Shenlong sneered coldly, \”Only stupid people like you can believe in the so-called gods. As long as there are rules, there will be loopholes, and loopholes will be used by others. You have been imprisoned here. The guardians of the Xuan Clan have no knowledge of this.\”

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