\”Whoever drags me, say who? Let go\” Jane Xi has never hated a person so much, or a woman.

Today, I can see it with my own eyes, and there are still three big groups.What makes the powerhouses of the Four Desolate Realms feel more trembling is that Wu Xiu even said that the trivial gift is not the ultimate treasure. If this is not the ultimate treasure, then what can be considered the ultimate treasure?Suddenly, almost all eyes were fixed on the three large groups of Wanzhong Liujing, wishing that the other party gave it not to the Vast Sky Saint Sect, but to themselves, but it was just a matter of thinking, they didn\’t dare to go. Scramble, haven\’t you seen the four Blessed Ones here? As long as anyone dares to move, I\’m afraid they won\’t be able to escape.Afterwards!Under the guidance of a strong man, Wu Xiu and the three elders entered the hall.Seeing these four people coming in, all the powerful forces in the Four Wilderness Regions stood up one after another, because the other party was a powerful person at the world-honored level. No matter their status or status, they were far beyond their ability to compare. There were some small forces. The strong even felt nervous and at a loss.The forces sitting at the forefront quickly retreated to the rear.But!Surprisingly, the Wu Xiu four did not sit at the front, but chose the last position, and sat down straight. With their move, all the major forces in the Four Desolate Regions suddenly did not know what to do. Now, neither is it to sit, nor is it not to sit.Sitting down is a taboo. After all, Wu Xiu and others are the world-honored people. They are the highest power in the sacred master level. Wouldn\’t they dare to sit in the first seat at the forefront? In this case, not only will the rules be broken, but it may also be taboo.Sect Master Luosha of the Sand Realm-Qianli Wuhen brought six elders here. The singing voice came again.Haha, congratulations to Sect Master Lin for breaking through to the highest sacred level. A thousand miles of Wuhen is too late, and I hope Sect Master Lin will forgive me. A hearty laughter came, and only a sturdy middle-aged man walked quickly. Come, with every step taken, the earth will roll up countless sands, and behind him are six elders, and these six elders hold their hands high, and on top of them, they hold a dark mountain of about fifty feet. , The top of this mountain is covered with seals, held high by the six elders.It\’s the Lord again…At this moment, even the holy land envoys of the four realms could not sit still. They stared at the coming Qianli Wuhen, the six elders, and the seven world-class powerhouses in amazement, while the fifty-foot-black mountain peaks raised high were extremely It\’s eye-catching. The six elders held up high and looked a little strenuous. That\’s all, their five fingers were all pinching the base of the mountain.Sect Master Huo, I prepared a small gift, so I was too late. Sect Master Lin, Qianli Wuhen and Luosha Sect\’s entire sect, congratulations to Sect Master Lin for breaking through the holy steps. Qianli Wuhen said loudly to the hall, facing behind him The six elders shouted: \”Open the gift.\”Yes!When the six elders heard the words, they slammed back to both sides, and then the six took out six peculiar blades at the same time, and slashed down towards the mountain. Compared with the terrifying aura of the six elders before, But the main hall was shaking violently.Shoo…The six people shot at the same time. The endless wind and sand rolled up and enveloped the black mountain. The gravel of the entire mountain peeled off one by one, revealing the crystal clear side inside. After a while, the mountain was dripping with a drop of mixed yellow liquid, every drop All contain infinite charm.Qianli Wuhen took out a special jade bottle and put the mixed yellow liquid into it, a total of nine drops, all of which were sealed.

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