\”Don\’t you know?\” shangguanbo asked, looking at Gao Shuang with a sneer.

you……Nan Xi’s teeth rattled, and many former strong men stopped and watched the excitement with enthusiasm. The gazes cast by these people made Nan Xi feel ashamed, although these gazes did not contain anything special. Deep meaning, but he was embarrassed.puff……Anxiously attacking his heart, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.Young Master… Cai slave was shocked, and quickly rushed over to hold Nan Xi.Shanghai glanced at Nan Xi faintly, and was too lazy to say a word. He moved forward when he moved.Watching Shanghai leave, Nan Xi\’s face became extremely hideous, his hands squeezed creaky, but unfortunately he couldn\’t help but he could only keep his chest rising and falling with anger.Brother Nan, this person actually made you so angry. Jin Fan said in a deep voice.I will make him pay for it…Nan Xi\’s face was gloomy and frightening, and he immediately cast his gaze to the talented slave who was aside. The latter was taken aback, but he quickly showed respect.Young Master, please give orders. Cai slave said quickly.Do you take that thing with you, grandpa? Nan Xi said in a deep voice.That thing… Cai Nu\’s face changed abruptly, and his voice trembled. After looking at Nan Xi for a moment, he nodded slowly.Just take it, I will let him pay the price… Nan Xi\’s eyes were filled with palpitating gloom.Even Jin Shan and the others on the side can\’t help frowning. If he weren\’t the grandson of Old Monster Nantian, with his vicious and arrogant character, I\’m afraid he would have died long ago, but they can\’t say anything and can only leave it alone ….Nan Xi’s incident was just a small episode. Shanghai didn’t fully take it to heart. It was a pity that the blood dragon god jade was obtained by the other party, but fortunately, he had just purchased two sets of primary wild pattern masters. Once you have the material, you can start refining by looking for some auxiliary materials.However, Gu Yu and Senluo didn\’t know where they went, and Shanghai didn\’t worry too much. With Gu Yu there, as long as the two of them don\’t make trouble, basically there won\’t be any big problems.The area of ​​the exchange meeting is huge, and Shanghai is not in a hurry to leave. While walking along the way, I bought some auxiliary materials that may be needed in the future.suddenly!

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