Gao Shuang looks at shangguanbo chasing Jane away, with hatred in his eyes. Even Hua linger on one side felt a trace.

Mu Zhiyun spouted a mouthful of old blood, and quickly swept to the side of the fallen white-haired old woman, \”Senior Junior Sister, Third Junior Sister…Ah…Ah…\” he shouted to the back, raised his head and wailed, and suddenly became old. The tears were running, and the voice was extremely sorrowful.The white-haired old woman had retreated to Mu Qianhua\’s side, and the expressions of the two were extremely cold.Why… Mu Ye, why did you do this…The betrayal again made Mu Zhiyun heartbroken. They used to be the four immortals of Mu Xuezong, and they loved sisters, but at the moment they died and the two betrayed.Why? The white-haired woman named Mu Ye twitched her cheeks, \”Master Sister, can\’t you see the current situation of Mu Xuezong? If you continue to resist, you will still lose in the end. In that case, why should I stay with me? You die together? The young master of the seven evils has promised that as long as I complete this task, I can restore my face and give me the opportunity to aspire to the level of the gods.\”God will…Mu Ye’s old eyes revealed incomparable eagerness, “We have been pursuing this state for more than 30,000 years, but we still can’t understand it. The little junior has just been with the Seven Evil Masters for so long, and in less than a month, it’s already broken. This line is over, and I have to wait for more than 30,000 years of penance…What are we entering into practice? Isn’t it just to pursue a higher realm?\”A higher realm… In order to pursue a higher realm, you have abandoned our friendship for so many years? Abandoned self-esteem and everything? Mu Zhiyun said coldly.In order to survive, there is nothing you can\’t throw away. You didn\’t want to live, Master Sister, you even threw out your own flesh and blood to block the fatal blow. Compared to Master Sister you, I can\’t wait for anything. Mu Ye……Stop talking nonsense, the big sister has a stubborn personality, and she doesn\’t want to take refuge in the young master of the seven evils. It\’s not too early, send the big sister on the road early, and then deal with Mu Wanran, a bitch.good!Mu Qianhua moved their bodies, motivating the power of the top-tier gods, and killed Mu Zhiyun from the left and right sides. The latter was seriously injured and his right arm was abolished. Let alone deal with the two, it is one person. Both were extremely difficult. Seeing the two were killed, she could only use her strength to resist.suddenly!boom……The vast sky of power blasted out from the Xuetian Temple, killing the two of Xiang Mu Zhiyun, their expressions changed drastically, quickly stopped, and fully defended, but this force was too terrifying, and the two of them could not resist at all, and supported them firmly. After a while, the defense burst, and the two were bombarded with vomiting blood and flying upside down.The explosion retreated thousands of feet, and Mu Qianhua\’s expressions became solemn and alert, and there was a trace of fear in their eyes.Could she…Already recovered… Mu Qianhua\’s breathing became rapid.At the entrance of the main hall, countless ice and snow emerged, turning into crystal clear ice crystals, and then a piece of snow yarn floated out, a suffocating face emerged, and then there was an extremely moving posture. The world is stunning, even Mu Qianhua, who has restored his youthful appearance, suddenly becomes eclipsed in front of this woman.

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