Strange letter star was stunned by Jane Xi, and then immediately responded, \”why? We feel the same. It\’s so strange.\”.

Unconsciously, eight days passed.Shanghai’s limbs made a creaking sound, and a powerful stream of power gushed from the abdomen, injected into the limbs and head, and returned again after a cycle. Under the continuous flow and regurgitation, the body became full, and the muscles were full. Perfectly rounded.Although it was still at the level of the Fourth World Exalted, Shanghai at this moment was very different from eight days ago. Not to mention other things, the divine power in the body alone has more than doubled.In just eight days, I\’m already firmly at the level of the Fourth Blessed One…Shanghai stared into the depths, the Jiuyou evil spirit near the passage was already unable to satisfy him, he had to go deeper, and now he can stay in the Jiuyou evil spirit for thirty breaths, as long as he doesn\’t step into it. Far, it’s not a big problem to advance or retreat.Moreover, after these eight days of tempering, Shanghai accidentally discovered that a trace of the spirit of too yin at the deepest part of his head had melted away. It is precisely because of this trace that he was earlier than expected. Half of the time, and his own divine power has doubled, it is also caused by the thread of Tai Yan\’s marrow.This is just a trace, if the essence of the essence of Tai Yan is completely refined…Chapter 1286 Getting Through The First LayerAs it deepened, the concentration of Jiuyou evil spirits became stronger and stronger.The spirit of Shanghai cannot be released, but the perceptionIt was also compressed to the range of one foot. In the increasing concentration of Jiuyou evil spirits, the divine power in the body was consumed faster, and the super-yan divine marrow on the top of the head also began to melt. Signs, although the melting is very slow, but it is indeed melting.If you don’t die here, you will definitely be shocked, because he told Shanghai in the past that he must reach the level of the gods before attempting to refine. The reason why he said that is because the power of the gods is too terrifying. Once he tries to dissolve it , The realm of Shanghai will be unbearable.However, the old immortality counts a thousand things, and it has never been counted, the Nine Nether evil spirit in the black prison has the powerful effect of refining many strange things in the world.Moreover, Shanghai is not refining on its own, but borrowing the evil spirit of Jiuyou to let the spirit of Taiyan refining on its own. This kind of autonomous refining is completely different from his forced refining. The former is much gentler. It will cause too much damage, and if the latter cannot bear it, it will explode and die.In this way, continue to refine and slowly penetrate…Shanghai is urging the supernatural power in his body in an orderly manner, while observing the refining of the spirit of Tai Yan. It is very slow, but it is because of the slowness that he can slowly remove the spirit of Tai Yan under the less dangerous situation. The marrow is absorbed, and then transformed into its own out……There was a faint voice, and Shanghai keenly caught a trace of danger, his body slammed, and his extremely fast magical skills were displayed. Only a fist was brushed past his body, and the powerful force blasted into the side of the rock. On the wall, there was shaking all around.Under the shock of the aftermath, Shanghai slid back three feet before it could stop, and raised his head. Only then did he see that the shooter was a top-tier god in ragged clothes, and his breath was so strong all over his body. Amazingly, it has almost reached the extreme of this level.It\’s just that the top-tier god has black eyes at the moment, and the whole body is entangled with Nine Nether evil spirits.

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