\”Oh, I\’ll go to Dan Shigong Association for assessment. If you don\’t have time, I\’ll go by myself.\” Jane Xi added when she remembered yesterday.

not enough……The power is not enough. Shanghai madly runs all the power in the body, including 12,000 envoys and the extreme reincarnation, but this is not enough. The strength of the high-level gods is too terrifying, even if it is just a breath, it is almost Blow him to pieces.The Rebirth of the Ancient Demon is running madly faster than before, and Shanghai can barely maintain his body from being blown to pieces, but if this goes on, he will die in the hands of Deacon Song sooner or later. He needs more strength and stronger strength……suddenly!The right arm heated up, and the second super-yan spirit began to melt…Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1331It\’s worthy of being the second place on the list, but you are still too young. Maybe after many years, you will be above the deacon, but don\’t forget, every era has countless people with extremely high qualifications, but But the young strong man who couldn\’t grow up in the middle… Deacon Song\’s old eyes flashed with a vicious look.Although Shanghai has been cursed by the Primordial Antiquity and will live up to ten years, the ability of this son is really terrifying. As a high-level god general, Deacon Song is just a casual blow, but this blow is even a top god general. It\’s hard to stop, but Shanghai actually blocked it.This ability is already quite amazing. Deacon Song is able to go to this day because of his cautious and cruel character.In addition, Situ Hong was beaten so miserably, he always had to give Elder Situ an explanation. He would naturally not kill Shanghai, but it would make him more painful, abolish him, and give him the remaining ten years of life. All spent in waste.Deacon Song\’s mouth was agitated, and the original breath that he exhaled suddenly increased in power. This is the Yiyang Extinction Qi he cultivated. Although it is a third-rank magic skill, it is released with the power of a high-level god. The power is extremely amazing. .In an instant!Yiyang\’s extinction aura immediately swept toward Shanghai from all directions like a giant hand, and a stronger extinction aura blasted towards the sea of ​​Qi in Shanghai\’s abdomen. Obviously, Deacon Song planned to abandon it. Get out of the sea of ​​anger in Shanghai.Kaka…The body was bursting more and more severely, and the regeneration and recovery of the ancient demon in Shanghai could not keep up. At this moment, his right arm was getting hotter and hotter, and the power of the scorching spirit was continuously injected into his body, accumulating the equivalent. To a certain degree.The pupils of Shanghai shrank suddenly, and in the eyes, countless levels of interlacing emerged, and then a star field slowly emerged. The original star field contained only a large number of nebulae, and in it, there were many Tiny star core.These star nuclei are constantly impacting under the action of the firmament force. Some star nuclei are broken and turned into various rocks, fused on the complete star nuclei. Every time they collide, an unimaginable impact of force will be produced. The power is beyond the reach of humans.Reincarnation of the domain!This is the change of the domain of reincarnation, from primitive to complete, and then from complete to broken, following a potentially terrifying rule, which is exactly the rule of reincarnation.In an instant!

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