Jane Xi didn\’t care. The three plants floated in front of her. A mass of Dan fire immediately wrapped the three spirit herbs. It took only ten minutes. Jane Xi put the last drop of purified spirit medicine liquid into the jade bottle and gently placed it in the tray. In the three jade boxes, one spirit herb was missing. All of it was purified by her and put into the jade bottle.

In an instant!Shanghai\’s eyes burst out with two rainbow lights, and the Thunder Spear in his hand was immediately covered by the thunder. The original blue dragon suddenly turned into a real Thunder dragon, blasting into the big hand that fell, under the impact of unparalleled power. , The halls in the area of ​​thousands of miles were shattered one after another.The Ji Mie and others below were almost shocked to vomit blood, and their faces were extremely pale, their eyes staring at the void in amazement. The big hand that fell was actually penetrated, and a shallow scratch appeared, a drop of dark gold. The blood of the god king fell from a high altitude.The high-ranking god king is injured…Ji Mie and others couldn\’t help but shudder. Although it was just a small wound, it would not have any effect on the high-ranking god king, but this wound was caused only by Shanghai at the level of the fifth world noble.Or not……Shanghai\’s face instantly turned white, borrowing all of Long Peng\’s power, even Bi Yuelan\’s three-tone divine piano, can only leave a shallow scar on the hands of the high-ranking god king, mainly due to the two. The realm gap is really too big, there is a total difference of two realms.You are looking for death…The high-ranking god king was furious. With a figure of his level, it is already very embarrassing to shoot at a younger generation. As a result, he was injured by the younger generation who could pinch to death. This is not only a shame, it is simply a shame. All my face.boom……The world has changed, the giant hand covers the entire sky, and the power is even more terrifying. When the aura shot in the sky, the body of Shanghai shook loudly, and the body that was originally full of cracks was cracked even more severely. A wisp of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.At the same time, that big hand blasted down at an extremely terrifying speed.Master Chen… Ji Mie and others were shocked, and quickly shouted.Hao…Bi Yuelan\’s face suddenly faded, her teeth bite, and she rushed over. Even if she died, she would not live alone in this world.in vain!Qiang Qiang…A burst of terrifying sound waves hit from all directions, and every sound was filled with the trembling meaning of killing. Even the tough-willed Shanghai felt the soul trembling at this moment, as if it was about to burst at any time. And the people below Ji Mie and others have already fainted.boom……The giant hand exploded, and the high-ranking god king snorted, his figure shook slightly, his expression became serious.

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