\”Oh, master, hehe, look, the price of my pen is 200 medium-grade spirit stones or two top-grade spirit stones.\” Xiao Wei looked at Jian Xi\’s beautiful face with some embarrassment. For no reason, his own face was slightly red, and his voice was not as loud as before.

but!Shanghai didn\’t expect too much, and even these emperor-level figures could not get it, let alone oneself.As the emperor\’s prestige and emperor patterns absorbed by the reincarnation body of the god emperor increased, the aura it exudes became more and more terrifying. Even the ancient king and the holy emperor showed a rare and solemn color. The top young powerhouses in their peers are under such great pressure, let alone the rest.No, I\’m catching up…His speed has increased.Quickly, leave here, don\’t stay. The inheritors of the Four Great Palaces, as well as the Primordial Kings and others, have returned to the thirtieth bronze colossus. Every bronze colossus has gathered some powerful people, but only a few people. , As many as ten people.Most of them belonged to the Four Great Palaces and the Primordial Resurrectors. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi immediately transmitted the voice to the young powerhouses of the Tianyu Imperial Palace and told them to leave immediately. The rest of the imperial inheritors and the Primordial Kings also transmitted voices. , But even if they didn\’t transmit the sound, the terrifying aura that surged from the rear made many strong people\’s heart tremble.Seeing the ancient king and the holy emperor and others flying back with all their strength, even if these powerful men did not know what had happened, they could detect something bad from the solemn expressions of the ancient king and the others.Immediately!The clever strong, quickly follow and retreatBack.Many powerhouses followed, but the momentum behind swept faster and faster. When everyone came to the first bronze colossus, nearly two thousand powerhouses had already gathered. Those who were able to walk here. The strong are the ones with the most aptitude.suddenly!boom……The vast expanse of the emperor\’s prestige swept along with a suffocating aura. Some of the slower powerhouses had not yet reacted and were involved in it. They were completely wiped out before they even had time to scream. NS.The trembling emperor\’s speed is getting faster and faster, and the strong in the rear are involved in one after another, and bursts of exclamation and screams continue to come from the rear.The expressions of the ancient king and others changed instantly. Although they did not look back, they could feel that each of the strong men involved in the imperial prestige could survive.The imperial prestige and imperial pattern contained in the ninety-nine bronze colossus were all absorbed by the reincarnation body of the god emperor. The imperial prestige and imperial pattern gathered together are already terrifying to the extreme. Even if the gods arrive, they may not be able to resist , Not to mention the ancient king and others.Although the abilities of the ancient king and others are superb, their realm is only about the high-level gods, the highest is the peak of the high-level gods, even if the cards are exhausted, it is difficult to compete with this terrifying emperor.Crush!

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