Jianxi is not on the first floor, but on the fourth floor of this cylindrical building. Relatively speaking, it already belongs to the bottom floor.

No matter what is left behind, you are now in the original Extreme Ice Emperor Palace. This is a good thing. I can rush to the middle palace of Extreme Ice Emperor Palace as soon as possible. There was the former Extreme Ice Emperor Palace. There may be something good left in the place where I live.The original Extreme Ice Emperor Palace…now the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace…you confused me… Shanghai was puzzled.What\’s the confusion? A special change has taken place in the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace. Someone has reversed the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace. As a result, the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace now has two completely different sides, just like yin and yang, one positive and one negative. Only in this way can we open the central palace. This is what the Emperor Taishi said in the past.So that\’s it. Shanghai understood a little, and immediately asked: \”The Emperor Taishi also opened the Central Palace in the past?\”No.Why?Do you think the middle palace is so easy to open? Even the Taishi God Emperor is not sure to open it, unless it is a level comparable to the Extreme Ice God Emperor, he can open this place with confidence.Divine emperors are also different? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Nonsense, there is also a gap between the various realm levels. Naturally, there are also differences at the level of the god emperor, but generally speaking, the difference will not be very large, unless it is a character like the extremely ice god emperor, even if it is strong. The supreme Emperor Taishi is also slightly stronger than the other god emperors by three points.Qi Ling whispered: \”The higher the realm, the more difficult it is to open the gap. After reaching the level of the quasi-divine emperor, almost the gap will not be very large. Only when the god emperor reaches the level of the gods, will there be a slight gap with the other god emperors. As for the other god emperors, there is not much difference.\”According to what you said, the one who opened this middle palace was another unknown god emperor comparable to the extremely ice god emperor. Shanghai said.It should be. I don’t know who it is. Since ancient times, it is extremely rare to be comparable to the Divine Emperor of Extreme Ice. It should exist, but I don’t know it. Forget it, don’t go into this. The emperor is out of reach, so let\’s talk about it when you reach that realm. Qi Ling said: \”Let\’s go, let\’s go to the middle palace and see.\”Um!Shanghai will naturally not refuse, anyway, they have already come here.Immediately!With the two daughters of Mu Ningxue, they continued to move forward, and the rifts around them were getting bigger and bigger. At first sight, one could not help but feel a shocking feeling. One could feel that a great war had taken place that year.Um?Shanghai suddenly noticed that there were some fragments in front of him. When he approached, he couldn\’t help but breathe in the air. They were fragments of ancient armor, and all of these fragments were made from extremely rare treasures. And there are thick ancient patterns surrounding it.These ancient patterns are enduring for a long time, and their aura is second only to the imperial pattern. This ancient armor fragment must be a fragment of a quasi-divine imperial weapon.The shattered quasi-divine weapon… is still an ancient armor for body protection.

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