In the divine sense, Xiao Siyu had settled down, and Jian Xi\’s figure had come to him.

When walking out of the teleportation array, Shanghai couldn\’t help being stunned, because what was in front of him was an ancient ruin quietly underground, with large tracts of ruins scattered all around, and many extremely ancient palaces were already shattered.Three huge bronze cages are located in the most central broken palace. In these three cages, three ragged gods are sitting cross-legged, their eyes are dull, as if the soul of the whole person has been taken away. Yes, but in their pupils, there is an extremely ancient pattern shining from time to it is……Shanghai frowned, and the shattered palaces all around gave him a peculiar feeling, as if he had been here a long time ago.This is the ancestral land of our three thousand great clans, and it is also the place of our roots. Before the ancients, the ancestors came from this place… Helian couldn\’t help feeling.In the Primordial Era, the three thousand great clans have experienced the glory of an unknown number of times. Although each great clans ruled an era, the roots of the three thousand great clans have not been broken. All this is because the ancestral land has always existed, so the three thousand great clans always have A rumor is that the ancestral land exists, and the three thousand clans do not decline.But!In that world-shattering catastrophe in the Primordial Era, the ancestral land collapsed. The three thousand tribes did not know the number of deaths and injuries, and the rest were sealed by the endless alien force. As the elder of the Taikoo Alliance, Helian didn\’t know.Because, at that time even the quasi-divine emperor was banned, let alone he only reached half the level of the quasi-divine emperor.Looking at the ancestral land in front of him, Shanghai frowned deeper. He could feel that he really seemed to have been here, but he couldn\’t determine when. After thinking for a moment, he shook his head helplessly. Perhaps it was his own illusion. Bar.Without thinking about it any more, Shanghai\’s eyes were cast on the three gods who were imprisoned in bronze cages. The eyes to the sky suddenly opened, and his pupils became crystal clear, hazy and very hazy. It was difficult for him to see these three gods clearly. Respect what is contained in the body.Immediately!Shanghai walked towards the bronze cage.Be careful of Wenzong, these three have been controlled. Although they are imprisoned by bronze cages, they can still attack and kill through the cages. Helian reminded him and followed at the same time. Now Shanghai can\’t. No surprises, because he needs to understand who the lurker is.After approaching, the haziness in the field of vision became clear. Shanghai saw some special ink cyan lines. These ink cyan lines were like living things, forming a network of veins, intertwined in the bodies of the three deities, not only They imprisoned their souls, and even controlled their bodies and all their powers by controlling their souls.For a moment, Shanghai withdrew his gaze.How? Helian asked.The three gods may be the ancient soul master\’s method… Shanghai said.Ancient Soul Master… The ten senior members of the Primordial Alliance trembled.How can it be!

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