Because the expansion area of the heaven and earth house is usually only a dozen square feet, which can be so large. I think the use of the Xumi space array of the heaven and earth house has reached the peak.

At that time, Shanghai discovered a unique island. The island was located in the extremely icy waters, but it was extremely difficult to enter it. The surrounding extremely icy cold air surrounded the entire periphery of the island. Only the correct position can be entered.In the past, Shanghai didn\’t go to observe because of leaving in a hurry. Now I think about it, that huge island is suitable for the spirit and spirit line to stay there.Grandpa, I know there is a place where we can house all our people.where?I found an island in the ice waters of the middle celestial pole of God\’s Domain by chance. It has not been named yet. I plan to call it Lingshen Island.Lingshen Island… OK, then we will go to Lingshen Island.Chapter 1576 Primordial Sacrifice to the Sky Blood TowerThe spiritual realm area is huge. After several confirmations, Shanghai found out that he and others were in the area of ​​the Swire Alliance.Hao, if you want to go to the middle level of God\’s Domain, you have to go to the Primordial Alliance. Only there is a cross-domain teleportation array. Ming Yuyan said.Then we go to Swire Alliance to borrow the cross-domain teleportation array. Shanghai said. Although there were a lot of grievances with the Taikoo Alliance in the past, they didn\’t break their skin. Now when I go to find the Elder Helian, I think the other party will also be a bit of a face.After half a month of flying by, Shanghai and others are already approaching the ancient capital. It’s strange on the way. There are very few primordial masters, and even cultivators are quite rare. Occasionally I see one or two. Shanghai and others ran away when they were scared.Anyway, they also knew the road, and Shanghai and others did not stop it.Something\’s not quite right.Ming Yuyan frowned slightly, \”There are four big ancient cities near the ancient capital. Why haven\’t we met other ancient powerhouses and practitioners along the way?\”Is the Three Thousand Conference over? Shanghai said.The Three Thousand Conference is over, but this is already in the area of ​​the ancient capital. In the past, there were many ancient powerful people coming and going, but now they have not encountered it. This is very strange. Ming Yuyan said.Um……Shanghai pondered a little, then turned around and said, \”Grandpa, you should find a place to rest for the time being around here. I\’ll go to the ancient capital to take a look.\”Good. LingZhan Tian nodded.

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