She didn\’t know how to describe her situation now.

I don\’t trust you. Shanghai said bluntly.Hearing this, the emperor Shengtianzhi smiled, \”I know that we have had a lot of unpleasantness before, but this time I am facing life and death, so naturally I will not make jokes at will, and no one can leave the profound spirit area except me.\”Well, let me tell you a secret thing about the four imperial palaces. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi hesitated and said slowly: \”The four imperial palaces have entered the fairyland in the upper heaven of the gods. Find the fairy bone inside.\”Bone of the fairy? Shanghai was startled.Well, the power contained in that fairy bone is resisted even by the laws of heaven and earth, and it is impossible to get close to it. The reincarnation bodies of the four imperial palaces have studied the entire life, and finally confirmed that it is the bone of the fairy, and they are from the fairy. In the bones, a mysterious method unimaginable by ordinary people has been acquired.The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said: \”It is precisely because of the bones of the fairy that the four imperial palaces fall from the upper heaven of the gods to the middle heaven, in order to avoid being detected by the rest of the upper heaven and causing disputes.\”Since it\’s a secret matter, why would you know? Shanghai frowned and saw the emperor Sheng Tianzhi. These things are so important that even the four imperial palaces have been transferred to the middle heaven for this, and the emperor Sheng Tianzhi It’s impossible to know the identity of the person.The fairy bone was taken out by my father. Before he died, he left a secret mark. I learned from it. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said in a deep voice.Chapter 1631Your father has entered the fairyland? Shanghai was a little surprised, \”Does the fairyland need the combined strength of the reincarnation of twenty gods to be opened?\”It is true that twenty divine emperors are required to reincarnate in order to open it, but there are also loopholes in the fairyland. Every once in a while, an entrance will appear in the fairyland. It is said that it is a broken gap in the fairyland. However, if you enter from this place, you will have to experience nine deaths. Since ancient times, there are only five people who can safely enter the fairyland from this place. said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.Five people?There were two people in the ancient times. As for who they are, it is not clear. The third and fourth people are surprising. These two people are a male and female. They seem to come from outside the realm of God. It is said that the strength Very low, I actually entered the fairyland safely.A couple of men and women? Shanghai\’s pupils shrank suddenly, and couldn\’t help asking: \”Who is that couple? Do you know?\”I don\’t know, but according to my father, the man and woman seem to come from the spiritual realm. They used to be a small world of a million. The strength is so low that even the king of God has not reached it, so they entered rashly. I survived in Wonderland and even took out things.The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said: \”At that time, there was a huge wave in the upper heavens of God\’s Domain. All forces, including the four imperial palaces, were tracking the whereabouts and traces of these two people, but the origins of the two were extremely mysterious. At that time, the two of them ran back into the fairyland and never came out again. As for what is happening now, no one knows.\”Running back into the fairyland… Shanghai took a deep breath, and at this moment, there was infinite excitement in his heart.More than 3,000 years ago, a man and a woman ran to the upper heavens of the gods\’ realm. This is very similar to the traces of their parents, and coupled with the fact that they came from outside the gods\’ realm, then Shanghai can be sure that the person who entered the fairyland must be his own No doubt the parents.Unexpectedly, I would accidentally get the true whereabouts of my parents here.Trapped in a fairyland…

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