Shut up! the old lady stared at the worthless third child and turned her head away from him.

You still dare to make a move. I really don\’t know how to live or die. Let this god emperor come and teach you a lesson. Even if your strength is beyond your peers, you are still many times different from me. A man in Tsing Yi stepped out, this His name is Tianwei Divine Emperor. He was a predecessor of the ancient times. His strength was extremely powerful. With one hand, he smashed the sky with nearly 40% of his strength and crushed the sky and pressed against Shanghai.Chapter 1680 Immortal Bone Mightboom……The thunder covered the sky and the sun, and the endless emperor patterns were driven by the thunder to exert a more terrifying power. The reincarnated body of the Tianwei Divine Emperor suddenly changed in color, punched out, and suddenly time, endless changes are contained here. Within a punch, just like his name, an unparalleled power of heaven exploded.Tianwei smashed into the thunder, and under the collision between the two, unimaginable power was stirred up, and the void that had been crushed long ago stirred up an endless storm.The Thunder slammed down, and Tianwei Divine Emperor saw this and quickly retreated, but was still hit by Thunder and was smashed into the storm.Forty percent of the power of the reincarnation of the god emperor…Tianyu God Emperor and others all looked at Shanghai in surprise. I had overestimated Shanghai a long time ago, but I didn\’t expect Shanghai to be underestimated.These thunders…could they be…The reincarnation body of the Thunder God Emperor?It should be right. Since time immemorial, only one person has mastered the profound meaning of the sky and thunder. The power of the sky and thunder of this son is almost the same as the rumored Emperor of Thunder.Suddenly, many god emperors reincarnated with dignity.Although the Thunder God Emperor is one of the god emperors, in the history of the ancient times to the present, it is ranked top among the god emperors. To become a god emperor for thousands of years, this potential alone is already terrifying, and I still understand it. Sky Thunder Profound meaning.The reincarnation body of the god emperor can also be divided into high and low. Some god emperors only set foot on the position of god emperor in their twilight years. The potential has been exhausted and ranks at the bottom among the god emperors, like the god emperor Tianwei. One of them, if really compared, he is really inferior to the Thunder God Emperor.The punch from Shanghai just now did not severely damage the reincarnation body of the Tianwei Divine Emperor, but it also caused him to suffer a lot. After he got out of the storm, his face paled, and the blue veins on his right arm were exposed, and he was slightly trembling. Obviously The right arm was shocked.I have heard about the power of the Thunder God Emperor, but I have no chance to see it.A man with a strangely dark face stepped out. This person was extremely dark, like the night sky. This person was the reincarnated body of the Starry Night God Emperor. Among the God Emperors, his strength was particularly strong, and he had recovered to 40% of the strength.As the voice fell, the reincarnation body of the Starry Night God Emperor strode out, and the whole person instantly melted into the endless gloom.Between heaven and earth, there is light and darkness.Although the aptitude of the starry night god emperor was average, he realized the gloom of the heavens and the earth, thus achieving the position of the god emperor. Even if it was the other god emperors, they were still very taboo against the starry night god emperor who perceived the darkness of the world, because his abilities were too weird.

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