Li Siyu\’s appearance is not surprising, but a pair of big eyes look very aura. Li Siyu didn\’t care much about his appearance. The good-looking skin is the same, and the interesting soul is one in a million.

Jane Xi had no choice but to tell them about the cultivation of immortals. It was also through a magic weapon that she could be reborn, but at present, she didn\’t find any other purpose except to change a ring and store things. She used yesterday\’s trick again. What ripening plants! Carving! Linghuo or something, this made the second old man finally have no doubt and completely believe her. Like the two elders of the Jane family, Jian Xi left a bottle of pure Lingquan water for Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother to slowly improve their physique, and told them their Linggen qualification. They all have the conditions to cultivate immortality, but now they are old and their physique can\’t take marrow washing pill, etc. The effect of the second old man after drinking pure spirit spring water is similar to that of the second old man of the Jane family. At this time, they really believe that their daughter is back, her daughter is not dead, and her daughter is a capable person now. Although her appearance was different from her original, Yuan\’s father and mother quickly adapted to it and talked about Jian Xi\’s life and study during this period. Yuan\’s mother has always been a very serious person in study and work. She also knows that after Jian Xi\’s rebirth, she shared a class with her grandson, and brought her grandson out of the trough. Now she has become very excellent, However, mother yuan still warned Jian Xi not to be proud. It would make people laugh if she let her son drive her away. After hearing this, Jian Xi stuck out her tongue, red and swollen eyes smiled, and said mischievously, \”don\’t worry, old yuan tou and old Mrs. Jiang. How can I let Xinyu catch up with your daughter? You have to appreciate and educate me, and you have to praise me: my daughter is the best.\” Jane Xi looks like a little girl only in front of her parents. Both the two elders of the yuan family and Jian Xi are particularly relaxed and happy at the moment. Many big stones are moved away from the bottom of their heart. The two elders are much more energetic. Even if they don\’t drink the spirit spring, they seem to have changed a person. The happy laughter they haven\’t seen for several years reappears on their faces. Jian Xi sees it in his eyes and is happy in his heart. Jian Xi and the second old man, like her previous life, happily chatted about their family\’s long and short life. Yuan\’s father rummaged in the refrigerator and went to the kitchen to cook for his daughter. Jian Xi also worked in the kitchen. Without yuan\’s mother, Yuan\’s mother stood at the kitchen door and chatted with them. The atmosphere was so harmonious and happy At dinner, they talked about Xinyu. Jian Xi was a little creepy and told his son the truth for fear that he would not accept it. After all, he is still so familiar with his son\’s classmates at the same age. Can he accept himself? Yuan\’s father and mother were also worried, so they had to let it go. They also discussed how to get along and call each other in the future. Finally, Yuan Ma said: \”Daughter, mom, I\’d better call you Jane Xi in the future. If I call your original name, I\’m afraid I\’m used to it. I can\’t change it in front of outsiders. The Jane family doesn\’t know these things about you, and we can\’t tell them! If they know that their grandson and daughter are really dead, and the stranger in front of them is just holding her body, they will not accept it Yes, other people\’s daughters also indirectly saved your life. You should recognize them as mothers and relatives. From now on, they are also your close relatives. We will be very gratified if you replace the dead Jane Xi, filial piety to them and care for them. In the future, you\’d better follow Xinyu and call us grandparents. You are commensurate with Xinyu\’s siblings. We are still a family. As long as family affection is, these things on the surface don\’t matter. Father Yuan happily drank two bottles of beer today. Since his daughter died, he hasn\’t touched the wine bottle, just because his daughter doesn\’t like him to drink. Now his daughter is in front of him. He drank some excitedly. This is something he hasn\’t dared to dream about in his dream for a long time. When his daughter came back, he pinched his thigh. It hurts. It\’s not a dream. It\’s true. The three of them are talking, drinking and eating. They feel so warm in their hearts! They all have this feeling. After eating, Jane reluctantly took the bowl and cleaned up until she cleaned up the kitchen as clean and bright as she had returned to her mother\’s house in her previous life. As soon as I finished cleaning the floor, I heard that Yuan Ma\’s tone of answering the phone in the living room was not quite right. \”Where are you, Xinyu? Tell Grandma what happened? Don\’t cry, Xinyu -\” Yuan Ma stared at the hung up cell phone until Jian Xi felt something was wrong, shook her shoulder and asked softly, \”Mom – what\’s the matter? Is it Xinyu? What\’s the matter with him? What\’s the matter with him? What\’s the matter with him? What are you crying for?\” \”Xinyu, he — Xinyu, he can\’t have anything to do?\” Yuan Ma said without a head. \”What\’s the matter with Xinyu? What\’s the matter?\” Jane asked again in a hurry. \”This — Xinyu cried on the phone, and he said — he said –\” Yuan Ma hesitated. \”What did he say? Mom, what did you say? What else can\’t I accept?\” Jane Xi didn\’t know how. She had a bad hunch. \”Xin Yu said that his father Cang Jun was going to get married -\” Yuan\’s mother finally said.

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