After eating meat, Li Siyu said that when she didn\’t say the last sentence, okay?

Jiannan said, \”although the aura here is much worse than in the past, it is much better than the outside world. At least it is enough for the growth of spirits.\”. When Jane Xi heard this, she suddenly patted her head and said, \”Grandpa, don\’t we still have a miniature spiritual pulse? What do you think it would be like to put it in a small world? Can you improve the Reiki concentration here?\” \”Of course, if you don\’t say it, I forgot. You can take it out now and put it in the center.\” Jane Nan suddenly remembered that their treasure exploration income this time was a spiritual pulse of more than 30 meters! They came to the center of the small world. Three meters away from the spirit pool with small saplings, Jane Xi felt a move. A spirit pulse more than 30 meters long suddenly appeared in front of them. The spirit was very strong and surging. Just for a moment on the ground, they sank into the ground and disappeared, but both of them could feel that the spirit began to take it as the center on the ground and began to rise, The aura is more and more rich in the whole space. Jane felt the changes in the small world with joy and was very happy for her luck. \”Xi\’er, the aura here is much stronger than that outside. I think it would be much better for you to plant those herbs in this small world. After all, there are complete Yin, Yang and five elements here, and plants should be planted.\” Jian Nan smiled. \”Silly child, the small world belongs to you. Everything here can be done as long as you read it in your heart. How can you still rely on those tools?\” Jane Nan said tirelessly. \”Really? I\’ll try. I want to plant herbs on this side of the spirit pool,\” said Jane Xi, walking up to the position she chose. Then she closed her eyes and her heart moved with her will. When she opened her eyes and looked again, there were several small pits on the ground, just enough to put the herbs dug with soil. With a wave of her hand, the \”tianxiangguo\” tree appeared in her hand. She went to the pit nearest to the lingchi pool, put it in, waved to fill in the soil, and then divided it into categories, and planted the medicinal materials neatly on the fertile land according to the year. After watering the Lingquan spring, the spiritual medicinal materials in the newly opened lingyao field seemed to straighten her waist with the naked eye, Straightened up, stretched the branches and leaves, and the leaf surface showed a flexible luster. After a while, the small world now was filled with the fragrance of miraculous medicine and the fragrance of tianxiangguo, which made people\’s spirit happy. Jian Nan saw this and laughed: \”Well, it looks like that here. I\’ve decided to settle here. It\’s much better than the ring. However, my ring contains soul nourishing materials, so you can leave the ring in the small world. I have to enter it regularly. When you encounter the soul nourishing elixir materials in this elixir garden, I can have none Stay here with scruples. \”Medicine for nourishing the soul?\” Jane Xi remembered this matter in her heart. If you encounter a plant fluctuated by the spirit, you must ask the grandmaster. If it is a medicine for nourishing the soul, you can\’t miss it. Looking at the small world with a little anger, Jane felt very relaxed, but she didn\’t know whether animals could be brought in or people. First of all, let\’s take a look at the animals. There are streams running here. First, go and catch some fish and put them in. Thinking of this, he said goodbye to Jane Nan. His mind moved slightly. Out of the small world, he suddenly appeared in front of the God of war who was already sleeping. The God of war quickly stood up and saw that it was Jian Xi. Suddenly, he gathered together bitterly and rubbed Jian Xi\’s arm. He seemed to say, why don\’t you take me? Jane Xi smiled, stroked the God of war\’s big head, smiled and led it out of the door. It was already evening. Unexpectedly, it was already this time. She touched her hungry stomach, smelled the smell of the food and came to the kitchen. Or,, update faster) \”grandma, what do you want to eat?\” Jane Xi said coyly as she lived upstairs and was cooking with an apron. Chapter 186 simultaneous foundation construction \”What did the child do yesterday? You\’re tired. Up to now, grandma does what you like to eat. Go, wash your hands and wait at the table,\” grandma Fang said with a smile. \”I\’ve gone to find a place for Jin rank. I\’m a great master in the later stage of foundation construction. What about my mother and grandpa? Grandma\” Jane Xi asked suspiciously. She didn\’t see Jane Xinyan and Jane Dongjian. \”They all went to your great grandfather. There seems to be something wrong with him. If grandma guessed correctly, it should be to build a foundation. Grandma stayed at home to cook. Later, they will come back. They want to build a foundation. They can\’t finish it in one or two hours. Xi\’er, you start to carry dishes and chopsticks and have dinner immediately.\” grandma Fang carried a frying pan, I\’m putting food on the plate. \”Well, good.\” Jane Xi happily washed her hands, and then began to place dishes and chopsticks. She was busy living. There was also a movement at the door. Jane Dongjian and Jane Xinyan had entered the house.

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