Yang Er Mei seemed to be used to Li Siyu\’s attitude and didn\’t care. She brazenly followed Li Siyu to sit on the Kang.

But Yan Yong didn\’t forgive him. After all, after more than 20 years of strangers, how can these words disappear because of him? If Shaojie is reading some family affection, he can\’t be fooled by the mother and daughter for more than 20 years, more than 20 years! Where is more than 20 days and more than 20 months comparable? A little snack can also find some clues, but he can\’t see it at all. Shaojie went back to his house. Although he found Yanyong several times later, he was disappointed and returned. When Jian Xi entered Kun garden on the second day of new year\’s day, accompanied by Yu Muyang, she couldn\’t help sighing with emotion at the changed Kun garden. Like the outside, Kunyuan has chosen a flat area to build 20 large and small cities. 90% of each city is dozens of high-rise buildings. All the energy driving all this is green energy such as solar energy, wind energy and hydropower. Only one pharmaceutical factory has been established in Kunyuan, and Western medicine can only use inventory, not production, This pharmaceutical factory only produces traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine. Some projects involving the chemical industry are stopped. They don\’t want to develop here for a long time. As long as they survive for ten years, they can go out after everything outside stops. After all, in Kun garden, the personnel are too dense, but the land is limited. Although it is also being planted, it still can\’t keep up with the personnel base here. Fortunately, since this time, n super large warehouses have been established underground in Kun garden, storing a considerable amount of food and materials. In addition, the output of Kun garden itself is enough for this 100 million people to use for ten years. Most of these 100 million people are all kinds of craftsmen, scientists and people with skills, which can ensure that most of human civilization will not disappear. There are also vehicles and other means of transportation, but all of them are electric vehicles, and 90% are buses, so as to avoid traffic congestion caused by too many small vehicles as far as possible. Avoiding pollution is the most important part of the Kun garden, because according to the old man Tianji, the Kun garden will be completely integrated with the changed earth in the next ten years. At that time, there will be no need for someone to open the portal for them to enter and exit. The folding layer between the fused Kun garden and the earth has disappeared, and the two will be one, Become an oasis without reclamation. Chapter 294 new appearance of Kunyuan Garden (II) Looking at the modern cities with many tall buildings and electric buses passing through them, the bus system has been very perfect. Most of the citizens who have already entered have been engaged in their own work. They go to work and get off work every day according to their respective strengths, as if they have taken this place as their home. However, their home is much smaller than that of the outside world, because the area of each family is fixed. For a small family of three people, each family is only a small two bedroom and one living room, with an area of more than 60 square meters. There are five old and small families, and only a small three bedroom and one living room of 80 square meters. Although the area is small, the functions are very comprehensive, and the decoration is very unified. All people move in with their bags, Everything is ready-made. Therefore, people\’s sense of hierarchy has suddenly become much more equal here, because there are no luxury cars, luxury houses and nothing to compare with. A university town has also been established in Kunyuan. This university town is really equivalent to a city, covering all professional fields. The teachers here are excellent elite teachers and professors all over the country, and the students here are also the best students selected from universities all over the country. Except for a very few, almost all of these students are regardless of origin and family, Considering only their daily achievements and young people with deep talents and potential in all aspects, there is basically no water here, because all these are carried out under the monitoring of the national security department and the army. If a person is caught who wants to pass through by virtue of relationship or fraud, there is only one bullet waiting for him, So no one dares to be careless on this issue at this time. It turns out that people always say that all kinds of abnormal ethos in China are becoming more and more popular. For example, all kinds of counterfeiting and selling, and so on, people often hear that in troubled times, heavy codes are used. At this time, China still maintains detailed harmony on the surface, but in fact, it can be called the beginning of troubled times. Because there is no airtight wall in the world, the news about Kunyuan\’s seclusion has been more or less spread, but it is not comprehensive. At the same time, because of the impact of the end of the world in 2012, the people fooled seem to have immunity, so most don\’t think it\’s true. Even when a few people make an issue about it and carry out terrorist activities, they are called confused people and a group of madmen. Of course, these few people kill many ordinary people because of injury. He also lost his head. It really deserves to die. The area of Kun garden is limited. It is doomed to be unable to accommodate more people, so it is also doomed that most ordinary people will become victims of disaster. But these people now know nothing about themselves. More than 99% of those who know have entered the Kun garden. Never came out again. The topic is a bit far away. Back to the schools in Kunyuan Park, there is only one university town, while there are several primary schools, junior middle schools and senior high schools in each city. The number depends on the resident population of the city. Of course, the funding force and school running conditions, including all teachers, are all the best selected from the whole country. Children have always been the most precious resource of human civilization. The children who can enter the Kun garden are very lucky. Except for those excellent college students and top students with higher education, other primary and secondary school students are blessed by the ability of their families. There is also a special area in the Kun garden for stocking various kinds of animals and plants. Although it is not complete, there are many kinds. There is no way. The place is really limited. The rest of the living materials were stored underground, and crops were planted on the ground. Together with the stored grain, they maintained the diet of the people in Kunyuan. From then on, the act of wasting grain was also defined as a crime. The police and the army are also indispensable. Of course, the number of police who can enter Kunyuan park is very small. Most public security depends on the army, because it is very difficult to find a real good police in the police force. So many people entering the Kunyuan garden have a lot of influence on the aura in the Kunyuan garden, but most of the geomantic treasure lands with spiritual veins underground have been occupied by various sects, including yuan and Fang. Moreover, the surrounding five kilometers are also blocked by huge arrays. There is almost no leakage of aura, which is guaranteed, It won\’t have much impact on the monks of these sects. As for the scattered small spiritual pulse, it doesn\’t hurt the overall situation. It just makes these ordinary people feel that the air quality in Kun garden is quite good. The people who go to xuanqiu star among the sects have basically been determined. A few people with low cultivation and excellent spiritual roots have been left, because their development is really limited. If they stay in the sect, they can continue to recruit disciples. There are also a large number of skill scripts and some cultivation resources in the sect, So that the civilization of cultivating immortals would not be cut off because of their departure. Thousands of years ago, the majority of those cultivating immortals left very clean. Their families moved, and some of them even left no one. However, the surviving monks in the Kun garden were all those who had no door and sect in those years. Without the suppression of high hands, they could cultivate and live in this paradise, As a result, their general strength is not high, and there are no powerful immortal cultivation skills. Their array and alchemy are common.

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