Their filial piety can\’t compare with you. No matter what you do to your mother, my mother sees it in her eyes.

What\’s the situation? Jane Xi\’s divine sense quickly spread out of the array. Outside the array under Jane Xi\’s cloth, a young man in white fell out of the array, lying on the ground with his head sideways, revealing half of his face. Jane Xi\’s divine sense soon recognized who the man was. \”Ruan Tiancheng? How could it be him?\” Jane Xi said to herself. Yes, the bloody man is Ruan Tiancheng, the gentle and handsome man I met the other day. The divine consciousness spread further again. Jian Xi found several people chasing after him. \”There are Kong Pingzhi, Gu Meimei, who are the others?\” Jian Xi said to himself. See the direction of these people. Impressively, they came to Ruan Tiancheng, \”are they friends or enemies with Ruan Tiancheng? Why are they following behind?\”. Jane is not sure about their relationship, because before. Ruan Tiancheng and Kong Ping\’s brother and sister Gong didn\’t think they would have any other relationship for a moment. It\’s just that Gu Meimei, a friar of low-level Mainland origin like herself, why did she mix with them? By the way, the man in front of Gu Meimei\’s side is also a man from the low-level mainland. How could they get mixed up? In addition, she recognized a man who was from sword valley. When they came to sword valley that day, the man stood in front of sword valley. His name seemed to be Gong Qiu. Looking at the weapons in their hands, Jane Xi always felt wrong. Kong Pingzhi\’s cultivation is actually the great perfection of Yuanying period? But before, he was only at the mid-term level of Yuanying. Did he hide his strength? There is also the male cultivation from the low-level mainland with Gu Meimei. Unexpectedly, there are also the early cultivation achievements of Yuan Ying. Gong Qiu is the later realm of Yuan Ying. The latter ones are all the strength of Yuan Ying. In other words, among the seven, only Gu Meimei is a golden elixir. Jane Xi didn\’t move. She didn\’t see what was going on, so she didn\’t plan to do it. He doesn\’t know whether Ruan Tiancheng and them are friends or enemies. Ruan Tiancheng has always made a good impression on Jian Xi. In addition, she may be the descendants of Ruan Shaohua. Therefore, if Ruan Tiancheng is in danger, she won\’t stand idly by, but if he is friends with the people behind him, she won\’t do anything to him. Who knows if his friend came to pick him up because he was injured. If she didn\’t understand what was going on, Jane Xi wouldn\’t rush. One person and two animals stood quietly inside the big array, while Ruan Tiancheng quietly lay on the outside of the big array. Soon, the seven people had appeared outside the array. The seven people looked at Ruan Tiancheng in a coma together, without the treatment and support in Jane\’s imagination. There are only cold eyes and cruel smiles. \”Brother Kong, look at me killing Ruan Tiancheng.\” Gu Meimei first stood up and wanted to kill Ruan Tiancheng with a sword. \”Wait, what\’s the hurry? Our task this time is to kill all the talents who have entered the secret realm this time. However, Ruan Tiancheng has a festival with me, and I want to do it myself.\” one of Kong ping changed his simple and honest expression in the past, but his face made Jian Xi feel ferocious. \”Festival? Brother Kong, don\’t hinder the Lord\’s plan for personal resentment,\” said the man from the lower continent in a deep voice. \”I don\’t need brother Li\’s advice on how Kong Pingzhi should act. It\’s only a matter of time before he kills him. Isn\’t the other wave going to catch up with long linger? Anyway, we\’re not so bad. I\’m going to make Ruan Tiancheng die ugly and miserable, ha ha ha.\” Kong Pingzhi turned Ruan Tiancheng over with one foot and popped a pill into Ruan Tiancheng\’s mouth, Soon he saw Ruan Tiancheng slowly open his eyes. When the blur became clear and Ruan Tiancheng saw the seven people in front of him, he immediately realized that he had fallen into their hands. I thought he would never be lucky this time. At this time, Jian Xi has popped up a jade amulet and introduced it into the array. All the images and sounds outside the array are recorded clearly. This is the camera of the immortal world. Jane Xi didn\’t use her digital camera, but chose to use the shadow note. She had to adapt to the fairy world and get used to their practice.

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