Lao Yang stopped Li Siyu with a smile, Siyu girl, you\’re welcome. You\’ve also helped our family. You\’re welcome to have some dinner!

Such a smile does not say Mo Yun. The men, women, old and young on the side are very amazing. Even Tong Junlan on the throne felt suffocated. Even if he reacted, his old face turned red, and then he immediately corrected his attitude. He secretly despised himself in his heart. He was old. How can he be so uncertain today? The two brothers and sisters of night wind and night rain look at their master, and their star eyes are shining. Their master is the best looking master in the world! Jane Xi didn\’t notice their changes at this time, but after saying \”as you wish\”. His eyes had turned to Wang Qianqian, who knelt on the ground, and said, \”how many people are there in that house? What are their accomplishments?\” \”The later stage of one Yuanying, the middle stage of one Yuanying, and the initial stage of three Yuanying. There are also nine golden elixirs of great perfection. I don\’t like those whose cultivation is too low.\” All right! At this time, Wang Qianqian was telling the truth. She said all her psychological words. Jane Xi took a look at Tong Junlan and nodded. She knew that he had heard it in her heart. At the same time, Tong Junlan immediately ordered his people to send people to the house according to their accomplishments and number of people. \”Then why did you meet those people and what did you want to do?\” Jane Xi continued. \”I found a late Yuanying and two early Yuanying, and four full-fledged monks in the golden elixir period to work for me.\” Wang Qianqian still calmly said, as if it wasn\’t done by herself at all. \”What are you going to do?\” Jane went on without relaxation. \”I went to kill people, found a sanxiu family at random, and slaughtered dozens of people, old and young.\” Wang Qianqian\’s tone made the two children feel cold. Although they experienced so much suffering at a young age, they said so calmly that they slaughtered dozens of people at will. Their indifferent attitude made them very unacceptable. Jane Xi gives them a soothing and warm look, so that the two children are a little better and no longer tremble. Jane Xi doesn\’t avoid them. Let them know the cruelty in the world from childhood. Don\’t be too naive and kind. Without strength, even if no one offends, disaster can fall from the sky. Strength determines their future safety, which must be understood more thoroughly now. Tong Junlan knew that even if Jane Xi didn\’t ask, he knew the beginning and end of the matter, but he didn\’t make a sound and quietly watched the development of the next thing. \”Why kill those dozens of people who have nothing to do with you for no reason?\” Jane Xi\’s voice has become less indifferent and more cold. \”Because I want to frame Cang Xinyu and them.\” Wang Qianqian seems to have some doubts about the cold and fierce, and there is a trace of fear on her face. \”Why blame them? As far as I know, they have no intersection with you, and they have only met you before, and there is no conflict.\” Jane Xi\’s face is also a little gloomy. Although she knows the reasons and results, she is still full of anger when she says this. \”Because they are your friends, and at first I think their strength should not be so high, but later, my people said that the old man\’s cultivation is very high, and he can only be controlled by asking my father,\” Wang Qianqian said comprehensively. \”Why do you want to foul them because you are my friends? As far as I know, I have no intersection with you and have not offended you. How can you kill dozens of innocent people because of this?\” Jane Xi was really angry. She took a few deep breaths before she recovered her peace. At this time, not only Xinyu, but also Yuwen Yanying, including Jin an and the middle-aged man, looked at Jian Xi with doubts and doubts. Except Xinyu, there was a trace of disagreement on the faces of the other three people. Jin an used to be grateful to Jianxi for this, but now when she knew that it had happened because of her, she was no longer grateful. Instead, she was a little more unhappy. Anyone who was trapped by the open space would think so. Jianxi didn\’t think so and understood very well. Originally, she could choose not to let Wang Qianqian say it, But she doesn\’t want them to make vague guesses about the cause of the event. It\’s better that they can understand. Of course, it\’s best that they don\’t understand. She won\’t care if they don\’t understand.

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