Li Siyu followed them into the yard and looked at the clean and tidy courtyard. The windows of both houses were inlaid with glass and cleaned very clean.

He didn\’t see his wife\’s sad eyes, but at that time, he thought that it was natural for a man, a big husband, three wives and four concubines to harden his heart and set Liu Peirong\’s identity. Then there was qijieshu, a waste son. He didn\’t feel Liu Peirong\’s hostility to Mei Yulian. He just thought he was there and nothing big could happen. Then qijiekang was born. However, when Qi Jiekang was four years old, he discovered the dirty affair between Liu Peirong and the evil Xiu. He was angry and killed the evil Xiu, but he spared Liu Peirong for a moment and allowed her to continue living there, but never touched her again. Only then did he know that the little bastard qijiekang was unhappy because he was not his own son, but the bastard born of Liu Peirong\’s adultery with others, He has a grudge, so he has been scheming to deal with himself, Yulian and his eldest son. He has led a wolf into his house, leaving his wife and children separated and trapped in a bolt. He regrets it, but where can he take regret medicine? Yulian has fallen. He has no way to compensate her. Now he has only the eldest son, Han Xing. As for qijieshu, he has been taught by his mother Liu Peirong. Through so many years of lessons, he has learned to harden his heart and no longer have the benevolence of the woman. Qijieshu? He thought he had never been born, he would not kill him, but he no longer regarded him as his son. When qijieshu visited him from time to time, his arrogant and ugly scolding has made him remember especially new. Although qijiekang is not his own son, qijieshu is his own son, but his own son can work with his mother to calculate and abuse his own father. How can he recognize such an unfilial son? Qijie quickly and far regretted and hated, but looking at his crippled body, he was helpless. When his eldest son Qijie Hanxing bloodbath into the place where he was imprisoned, he didn\’t dare to recognize that it was his favorite eldest son Hanxing. But seeing that his tall and strong body was so similar to his own body in those years, and there were similarities between him and Yulian on his firm face, Qijie Xunyuan saw his son kneeling in front of him. Even under the abnormal torture of Qijie Kang, Qijie Xunyuan didn\’t shed a tear. At this time, he was full of tears. Letter star saved Jijie Xunyuan, but hurriedly said goodbye to him, saying that he had gone to see his future daughter-in-law. He was afraid that something would happen if she was far away from zongmen. He also said that Qijie Kang was trying to deal with her. Also at that time, he knew Jianxi\’s name. He knew that Jianxi had been helping Hanxing deal with qijiekang, so he offended him and provoked such an enemy. He didn\’t allow her to make any mistakes. Therefore, he sent a strong team to secretly send Qijie Xunyuan to Wuxia alone, and he went to find Jianxi. No matter Qi Jiexun\’s foresight hasn\’t seen Jian Xi, she just heard that she offended Qi Jiekang because she helped her eldest son. When she attracted such an enemy, she has been kind to Jane. This situation reminds him of how Mei Yulian helped him at the beginning. Now his son also has such a confidant. He is really happy for his son. In addition, he felt guilty about Han Xing and was extremely satisfied with Jian Xi\’s cultivation, qualification, appearance and her respect for herself after seeing himself. He saw Jian Xi\’s tension and sincerity, so he relieved her anxiety in such a tone and participated in getting along naturally as usual. No matter what, these monks are all highly accomplished monks, not ordinary people in ordinary people\’s homes. Therefore, Jian Xi saw Qijie Xunyuan\’s attitude and determined that Qijie Xunyuan should be satisfied with himself. Let go of her heart, she was much more self-confident. Although she couldn\’t put everything together, she said something that she could say naturally. \”On your planet, there are only friars with more than 5000 people?\” Qi Jie Xunyuan was very curious about it. \”Yes! Our planet is called \’earth\’. It is a science and technology planet. It is in the end of the law era, and its aura is extremely thin. Therefore, before I came here, the cultivation there was the highest, and it was only fully completed during the foundation period. Because of aura and elixir, none of them could get a pill. However, I heard that it was not like that more than a thousand years ago, although its aura was not as good as xuanqiu star, However, there are occasionally flying friars. It is only predicted that the aura on the earth will become thinner and thinner and less suitable for the life of friars. Therefore, the global power was used to build an interstellar ultra far transmission array, which is also the transmission array. It was considered successful only when it consumed almost all the refining materials on the earth. At that time, almost all friars on the earth passed through that transmission array The array left the earth and was transmitted to spinqiu. I don\’t know how to determine the coordinates of spinqiu. The more than 5000 monks we came to this time are the loose immortals left behind later, which have developed slowly. Their skills are not good, and their aura is thin. There are only more than 5000 monks left in the world\’s population of more than 6 billion, \”Jian Xi said with a bitter smile. Qijie Xunyuan listened with interest. The nearby letter star also heard that Jane Xi had mentioned these past events, but he didn\’t know in detail. Now he listens again and is still curious about Jane Xi\’s former home. \”I don\’t know, which power on your earth can predict things in a thousand years?\” Qi Jiexun asked. \”He called old man Tianji. He was good at watching stars and playing Tianji. He not only predicted the disaster on earth ten years ago, but also left us a glimmer of life. The transmission array can only use the last time to send our more than 5000 monks here, but also left a spark for us on earth. Jane Xi really admired him.\” Jane Xi\’s eyes are full of stars. She really admires the old man. It can also be said that he saved all of them.

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