From luxurious single dormitories to mud houses in the countryside to mud brick houses rented today.

\”I can\’t take this easily.\” Fang Yang smiled. \”It\’s nothing. It should be. Please don\’t refuse.\” Wu Fan said slowly. Hearing the speech, Fang Yang was not polite. He took the jade pendant in his hand and nodded: \”thank you, brother Wu.\” \”but Wu has an unkind request. I hope the little brother will agree.\” Just as Fang Yang had just taken over the jade pendant, Wu fan suddenly said, \”what?\” Fang Yang asked with a pick on his eyebrow, but Fang Yang sneered in his heart: \”coming!\” Fang Yang\’s evaluation of Wu fan is not high. Wu fan doesn\’t seem to be a person who can repay others with millions of Xuan Yuan. He saved the other party\’s sister. The other party didn\’t kill himself. It is estimated that it is the other party\’s biggest bottom line. \”The little brother also knows that we have big things to do tomorrow, and it is inevitable that there will be casualties. The liquid pill that the little brother took for my sister is very effective. I don\’t know if the little brother still has it.\” looking at Fang Yang, Wu fan hesitated slightly and said in a condensed voice: \”I\’m willing to buy it at the price of 800000 yuan per bottle.\” I had expected Wu fan to make some calculations, but the other party was good and didn\’t ask directly, but gave the price. This also made Fang Yang look at Wu fan, but Fang Yang also sighed in his heart that Wu fan was rich enough. Today alone, he spent millions of yuan, which would hurt even ordinary monks in the period of concentration. \”Yes.\” he nodded. Fang Yang smiled and moved his hand. Three jade bottles appeared in Fang Yang\’s hand: \”brother Wu, take them.\” there are really not many pills left except those refined by Fang Yang. These three bottles are the limit that Fang Yang can take out, and Fang Yang has to leave one or two bottles. \”Just three bottles?\” Looking at Fang Yang, Wu fan frowned and whispered. Hearing the speech, Fang Yang smiled: \”there\’s only so much left. There\’s no way. This medicine is very precious, and I don\’t have many. To be honest, brother Wu, the price you give is not high. If I sell this medicine outside, even a bottle of one million yuan will break the head. Do you believe it?\” Listening to this, Wu fan hesitated slightly, then nodded: \”that\’s all right.\” after that, Wu fan injected 2.4 million yuan into Fang Yang\’s space ring, then turned around with the medicine bottle and left. But after Wu fan left, Fang Yang\’s face was cold: \”it seems that Wu fan still didn\’t intend to let me go!\” Fang Yang\’s words just now are true and false. His efficacy is indeed unparalleled in the world, but Fang Yang knows that at most, it can only be used for friars in Lingwu territory. Even the high-level friars in Lingwu territory will have half the effect, otherwise Huolan will not recover until tomorrow. There is no other reason. Fang Yang\’s medicine is only refined through simple configuration , the medicine has little power without the injection of dark Qi and the calcination of the tripod furnace. The effect is obvious, but the medicine is not strong enough. For example, if the monk in the period of concentration is injured, the effect of his own medicine can be said to be minimal. I think Jiang Yan knew this at the beginning, otherwise he would not directly ask for a prescription, so Fang Yang\’s medicine was taken out If you sell it, it won\’t be worth so much money at all. Instead, the prescription will be worth a sky high price. Of course, that\’s not the point

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