Hao Jianhong looked up at Li Siyu and was very dissatisfied.

As soon as Meng Xiong appeared, his panic was greatly calmed. Xiao Lin also had a twist in his heart and looked at Fang Yang. Wait for yourself to get out of trouble, you must! Be sure to frustrate this boy!! Meng Xiong\’s spiritual knowledge changed and he was relieved to find that there was nothing wrong with the Meng Qianxue in carriage. Then he stared at Fang Yang: \”who are you? What\’s your grudge against Xiao Lin?\” Fang Yang pressed his heart and said coldly, \”it\’s a grudge that has nothing to do with Princess Meng.\” \”brother Meng, the boy didn\’t know where he came from. He attacked suddenly. I couldn\’t get away from being entangled by the green Bull Demon. My son died in his hands!\” Xu Wei cried, \”you must help me.\” \”Xu Changqi is dead?\” Meng Xiong looked at Fang Yang in shock, and then narrowed his eyes. Fang Yang only felt that his body sank. It was only the power emanating from the other party that made him feel a little difficult to breathe. \”No matter what happened to me, Xiao Lin is very important to my daughter. You let him go, and then give up cultivation, and I let you run 800 miles.\” His tone was firm and resolute, not like a negotiation, but more like giving orders. \”Brother Meng\” heard that Meng Xiong wanted to let him go, and Xu Wei wanted to stop him in a hurry. \”Shut up!\” Meng Xiong glared at him. Xu Wei\’s face changed slightly, but he didn\’t dare to say anything. He just looked at Fang Yang angrily. \”Oh, what you said is really funny.\” Fang Yang sneered, \”Do you think it\’s possible?\” don\’t say eight hundred miles, even eight thousand miles. As long as you don\’t have cultivation accomplishments, you can\’t live. After all, Fang Yang is still a famous person on the dragon and snake list, and tens of thousands of people want to kill him! \”Uncle, you must save me! Save me quickly to save Xueer!\” Xiao Lin hurried. At the mention of Meng Qianxue, Meng Xiong\’s killing power suddenly became strong, and a blue light appeared all over his body. The blue light is an extremely thick mysterious gas, which is like a vast ocean. People will worship it subconsciously. \”Do you really think I dare not kill you? Let him go quickly!\” Another drink made Fang Yang\’s spirit swell. Fang Yang only felt that the sound of the drink was full of fierce power and hit his own sea awareness. He snorted and a blood line flowed down his nostrils. Is this the soul power of the empty and dark realm? It\’s really powerful! \”Eh? You\’re obviously not in the realm of condensing God, but the sea awareness is broad.\” Meng Xiong was also surprised. With his previous drink with soul power, he could not stop his concentration. Fang Yang scolded in his heart. Fortunately, he was a man for two generations, otherwise the roar was really over. He turned his eyes and looked at Wu fan and others. Wu fan also looked worried. Wu fan\’s expression was tangled for a while, and finally bowed gloomily. He knew that he was in Meng Xiong After he came, he couldn\’t kill Xiao Lin. so he said, \”forget it. It seems that it\’s destined that I can\’t take revenge.\”

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