Li Siyu, who is still a temporary worker, can\’t help thinking.

Fang Yang took a blow on his back and felt his whole body tremble like being struck by lightning. Under this palm strength, 20% of his pure Yang and Xuan Qi dissipated. In particular, he knew the origin of the soul in the sea. Under the action of black and white Qi, there was a faint feeling of centrifugation. Fang Yang\’s face changed and empress Cang retreated. On the Blackwater sword, the dragon and snake roared. \”Hahaha, it\’s useless, it\’s useless! I have more than 100000 flesh and blood spirit. You can\’t beat me if you have any means.\” Xue Mu laughed happily and waved his big palm. Each palm power clapped, drawing the air surging. The pure Yang Xuanqi in Fang Yang\’s body quickly lost. The dragon, snake and purple break out together, but under that palm power, he still can\’t break in. As Xue Mu said, he now has more than 100000 flesh and blood spirits. He is not only powerful, but also extremely high in his own defense. Meng Qianxue also joined the battle group , the ice lotus blossoms, combined with Fang Yang\’s pure Yang and mysterious Qi, can slightly curb the momentum of Xue\’s tomb. \”What should I do?\” Fang Yang\’s mind turned sharply and his eyebrows frowned. Fang Yang didn\’t expect the opportunity to change on Xue\’s tomb. At this time, he was in a state like a ghost general, which was very difficult to resist. Originally, pure Yang Xuanqi had great restraint against Yin things, but one force reduced ten meetings. Xue\’s tomb is now too powerful, and the effect of restraint can\’t be reflected. \”It can only rely on that sword.\” That \”Qi eye\” learned in the inheritance of sword A sword. After several days of cultivation, Fang Yang\’s energy and spirit have been completely recovered and can use another sword. However, this sword is strong, and we should pay attention to how to use it. Fang Yang had glanced at Xue\’s tomb before and saw that there are countless air eyes on Xue\’s tomb. It\’s hard to determine which is the most lethal. After all, Xue\’s tomb is filled with the body of an innocent soul at this time The change is very different from that of a real warrior. If this sword can\’t kill him, the sword will eventually defeat Fang Yang\’s breath and have no offensive power, so this sword must be careful! Fang Yang kept the Jiugong sword for a long time, and the wolf was embarrassed to resist Xue\’s attack. Xue\’s tomb was excited and felt flesh and blood again after decades The state of surplus makes him more confident about the cave. As long as he wins the cave and refines thousands of blood corpses, he can return to this state! Reaching the early Yang state is just around the corner! Thinking of this, he can\’t help laughing and his face is ferocious.

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