It\’s hard not to take a bath for so many days, but the electricity bill this month can\’t be less.

Fang Yang asked, \”then how can I know if she is your sister?\” \”my sister is born with golden eyes, but she may also hide. The more obvious feature is that she has a petal shaped birthmark on her ass.\” Fang Yang almost spewed blood. How can I find this fucking old man on her ass, Do you ask to see your ass when you see a woman of the same age?? It\’s strange to be slapped to death by people as hooligans! Zhan Chu also knew that this feature was not easy to recognize. He just smiled: \”just try your best. Anyway, I guess I\’ll be dead by then. If I can\’t find it, it won\’t be much.\” hearing this, Fang Yang nodded solemnly: \”I promise you, I\’ll try my best to help you find your sister!\” \”if you have you, I\’m at ease.\” Zhan Chu smiled. \”Well, I\’m not dying now. There are still a lot of things to do.\” Zhan Chu was shocked and said seriously, \”Although we escaped this time, there are still many martial arts experts in Tiance mansion. Li Bei doesn\’t care for the moment. Wang Qiushui of Feijian gate, Tai Wuji of Wuji Mountain Gate, and even the two death Pavilion dark guards behind Xiao Changsheng\’s life and death Pavilion. Everyone\’s strength is at least not weaker than Ma Sanyan.\” \”The only good news is that Ma Sanyan, who knows the art of heart divination, is dead. They are almost blind. There is no one to guide the way. It is difficult to track us. Moreover, it will be much slower to find the location of that thing.\” Zhan Chu swept over several people and said in a deep voice: \”This is our best chance! As long as we get that thing, we will not be afraid of these Tiance mansion warriors, but even return to Tiance mansion for revenge!!\” when it comes to revenge, sun Manzi and Xin Guihua are also murderous. \”But be careful of the local forces of Guya mountain. They are also very difficult to provoke.\” Zhan Chu said. Seeing Fang Yang\’s confused look on one side, he couldn\’t help smiling. \”You don\’t know what we\’re looking for.\” Fang Yang rubbed the tip of his nose and looked at the serious expressions of several people. He didn\’t ask much. \”Now we\’re all the same, so it\’s right to tell you.\” Zhan Chu said, \”What we\’re looking for in this Guya mountain range is a corpse, the corpse of the ancient martial artist in Tianyang!!\” chapter 244 ancient tomb corpse \”the corpse of the martial artist in Tianyang!\” Fang Yang looked startled. On that day, when he was on the grey sparrow mountain, he also learned about the existence of the Tianyang realm from Qinchuan. The Tianyang realm is a higher level existence of the early Yang realm. When he reached the Tianyang realm, he gradually realized the power of the great road, and his actions contained the supreme principles of Tao patterns, which became a very strong existence. The Longyuan Dynasty was so big that it was also a martial artist who could reach the Tianyang realm It\’s rare. Even the nine mansion leaders are just the level of the early Yang state, which is difficult to reach. Here, Zhan Chu said there was a corpse of a martial artist in the Tianyang state! Zhan Chu nodded and said: \”That warrior in Tianyang is the ancestor of our war family. You also know that the Longyuan Dynasty was established on the body of the big demon in ancient times. In those years, the ancestors of the three general families fought against the big demon repeatedly, and the ancestors of our war family fought here!\” Fang Yang was moved. He only knew that this was the place where the great demon fought with the martial arts. Unexpectedly, it was the place where the ancestors of the warfighters of the Longyuan dynasty fell.

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