Because at the beginning of the month, Li Siyu was busy with his work. The mine will make a summary at the end of last month, and Zhang Xuewen will also go to a meeting.

\”I\’ll go and have a look first. Be careful here.\” Fang Yang said, his body moved and suddenly rushed out. The wind opened his mouth without trace and wanted to remind him, but Fang Yang had instantly arrived at the crater. When he was close to the crater, a strong fire came towards him. Fang Yang only felt that he had entered the furnace. He had mysterious Qi to protect his body, and he was sweating. The air around him was distorted, as if he wanted to even heaven and earth It melted. \”There is Chunyang Bodhi!\” Fang Yang\’s sharp eyes saw a small plant growing on the rock wall next to the gurgling fire slurry. The plant was bright red, but the fire slurry splashed on the ground would not hurt a bit. On the root of the plant, there were four round and transparent fruits, bright and clean as jade beads, which were Chunyang Bodhi! \”It was really a good thing!\” Fang Yang can clearly feel the pure Yang Qi emitted from the pure Yang Bodhi from a distance. It is pure and thick, making the pure Yang mysterious Qi in his body ready to move. This object can have such an effect just by sniffing the smell. If it is swallowed and refined, it is good? At the time of Fang Yang\’s surprise and joy, the fire slurry flowing slowly in the mountain pass Suddenly there was a huge vortex, and countless fire slurry flowed and rotated, a posture to the bottom. \”Roar!!!\” The roar of shock like thunder suddenly rang through the mountains. Immediately after it, a red figure rushed out of the center of the vortex and rushed out in an instant. The dragon is auspicious and angry. Its body is not very big, only three feet high, but it brings a sense of authority that ordinary demons can\’t compare. Once it appears, the fire slurry is everywhere, Stepping on the dark fire, Fang Yang felt a heat wave coming, and the pure Yang and dark Qi on his body surface flowed wildly, but even so, he almost couldn\’t resist. \”This is the Fire Kirin!\” Fang Yang was shocked. As soon as Huo Qilin came out, all the anger in the world seemed to have found its master. They all rushed to the side of the burning Qilin crazily. Without taking action, Fang Yang couldn\’t bear the scorching anger around. \”Even if I build a small level of bone and gold body, I can\’t stop the flow of fire.\” Feeling the power of the flaming unicorn, Fang Yang\’s body turned and galloped backward. The flaming unicorn was reluctant to let go. The red fire turned into a pillar of light, and Fang Yang\’s face changed slightly. The sword blade moved in his hand, and the fire thunder and sword roared out. With a bang, the two flames collided with each other, and Fang Yang\’s body turned backward in the flames As for the fire unicorn, it was not damaged at all, even left a white mark. It opened its mouth and spewed fire and gas. It often burst near Fang Yang, causing him to lose his face.

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