Li Siyu walked home with his bag on his back. While he could see the road clearly, he kept rushing home.

This time, the battle of the mansion is not so simple on the surface. Not only the people from the Dragon unparalleled side, but also the people from the Dragon Moyu side took direct action after they appeared. Compared with them, they are much more coordinated and unified. Their actions are fast and silent. Only ten people from the flying sword sect live among the mansion. Old Taoist Xu Fu of Baotian mansion is driving qingniu into the Longyuan mansion Later, the place they came to happened to be a lush mountain forest. Old Xu Fu stood between the mountains and forests, glanced around calmly, and made sure that no one was hidden here. Then he bowed down, gathered around the twenty green cattle in the middle, and respectfully said, \”we have entered the mansion. Please come out.\” As his voice fell, he heard the banging sound. The intestines of several fresh green cattle immediately burst open, blood flew everywhere, the viscera collapsed, and fifteen figures sprang out between the intestines of 15 green cattle. As soon as the fifteen people came out, they gave off a spirit of evil and ice cold. Even if the lush trees around them withered in an instant, the scenery was a little dark, and they stood there Looking out of the woods, you can see that there is a layer of black fog here. \”I\’m suffocating!\” A thick voice sounded. The first person standing in the crowd was a man in a black shirt with some morbid pallor on his face. The man\’s black light flashed. The blood clots that had filled the whole body were immediately burned by the black fire. Several people behind him followed suit. They stood behind the man with cold faces. The breath of these more than a dozen people was strong and impressively all of them were early sun The level above the boundary! Especially the leading man, his breath is as cold as ice, and his body seems to have hidden great evil things. Standing here alone will attract all the shadows among the trees, like evil spirits. If Fang Yang sees these people here, he will be shocked. The first person is the ancestor of Zhan family in the tomb of ancient corpses in the bone tooth mountain, Zhan\’s life Chapter 360 origin and life of an expert Zhan is one of the great heroes of the Longyuan Dynasty and the ancestor of the three generals\’ family war family. But he was so ambitious that he wanted to win the throne after the opening of the dynasty. That\’s why he was shadowed by the royal family of the Longyuan Dynasty. He was sent to the place where the bone tooth mountain was located to behead demons. Finally, he was surrounded and killed. But the place where they were buried was the most Yin That\’s why Zhan Shengsheng and others died in peace. That\’s why they died and became corpses and ghosts under the influence of thousands of years of Yin Qi. That day, Fang Yang and others entered the Guya mountains and woke up the sleeping Zhan Shengsheng and others. Zhan Chu, in particular, was the ancestor of the Zhan family who had been kind-hearted to save them, but was swallowed by Zhan Shengsheng and died. Zhan Sheng Since Ping came back from the dead, his wild hope will not disappear. In the past six months of Guya mountain, they repeatedly went out of the ancient tomb, hunted and killed the martial artists in Guya mountain, devoured flesh and blood, and refined themselves. In the past six months, there was chaos in Guya mountain. The original four three mountain forces, the beast palace, fell into Fang Yang\’s hands, and Shuiyue mountain locked the mountain The remaining two three mountain forces are not so lucky. Because Zhan Sheng is equal, corpses and ghosts have a great demand for blood and gas, and people with higher cultivation like it more. Under repeated attacks and killings, the other two three mountain forces almost slaughtered. And they also gather their bodies, open their intelligence and greatly increase their strength!

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