Bai Xiaoyu looks at the two brothers cheated by sugar and despises them in his heart.

\”What a serious injury, two-thirds of his life was lost.\” Fang Yang swept around, and his face was more frightened. Both of them are martial artists in the Tianyang realm. They belong to the top existence in the Longyuan Dynasty. How could they come to such a point? It can\’t be caused by both of them. If so, their injuries can\’t be so similar. Fang Yang walked out a few steps, rushed to the side of long Moyu, helped him up, and the spirit swept through his body. He could clearly see that 90% of the meridians in long Moyu had been broken, seriously injured and dying. He still had some breath. He could see Fang Yang coming, but a look of panic appeared on his gentle cheek. \”Cheated, cheated, we were all cheated.\” \”long Moyu? What\’s the matter with you? Are you okay.\” Fang Yang took out a pill and fed it to him. He swallowed it and asked. However, long Moyu\’s eyes were lax, and the color of fear flickered on his face. He had not spoken a complete word for a long time. Fang Yang\’s heart sank. Is this the Dragon ink jade he knew before? Even in what dangerous situation, the calm dragon ink jade? How could it be so? He turned his head and looked at the war life over there, but he saw the arrogant and domineering war life, with a touch of fear and unwillingness on his face. His eyes flickered, completely without the previous overbearing appearance. What the hell did they find underground? By what? When Fang Yang and others were confused, suddenly a mysterious breath came out. With a jump in his heart, Fang Yang looked up and found that the place where the breath came out was between the huge pits that Zhan Shengsheng and his two flew out. At the originally quiet cave, a breeze gradually blew up. The breeze swept, and a touch of golden light faintly came out of the dust. The golden light is getting brighter and brighter, just like a round of tomorrow rising from the ground. A moment later, the golden light finally came out of the ground. The golden light is dazzling. With the emergence of the golden light, the earth trembles, the wind and cloud changes in the sky, the scorching sun covers up, and the world has no light. Only with this golden color, it gradually becomes rich and shines people\’s eyes. Fang Yang suddenly felt a seemingly limitless pressure emanating. The pressure was not fierce, but it was more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even Fang Yang\’s strong spirit had a slight tremor on his knees, and there was a feeling of wanting to worship. His face changed greatly and he looked deeply into the golden light. The golden light lasted for a quarter of an hour before it became thinner, and the scene within the golden light was also revealed. The first thing to see is a golden seat, which is forged like gold and exudes the air of grace and nobility. In the armrest position, there are two leading images, lifelike, which actually have the flavor of dragon nationality. At this time, the seat is suspended and slowly flies out of the pit, and then you can see the figure sitting on the seat clearly. It was a middle-aged man in a royal robe. His face was elegant and quiet, his face was handsome, his head was wearing a dragon crown, and his gestures were full of high spirits.

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