And it\’s a girl again. It\’s easy to break through here.

\”Your physique is strong, but you have lost your fighting power by my palm strength! I want to use your head to fight with Wan Qingtian!\” after listening to Zhao Xian\’s words, Fang Yang raised his eyebrow and smiled. Then there was a flash in the palm of his hand, and a fruit plate suddenly appeared in his hand. On the fruit plate, the eight petal pulp smells sweet and emits a strong smell of water and light. Then Fang Yang reached out and picked up a piece of pulp and put it directly into his mouth. After all, shuibaoguo is a treasure with the name of a rare treasure. Once it is imported, Fang Yang only feels that his mouth is full of sweet, sweet fruit juice bursts out directly and flows along Fang Yang\’s throat. In the entrance, the cool air diffuses between his chest and abdomen, and then goes to the top of Fang Yang\’s forehead. He only feels that there is no place in his body that is not very comfortable. The rich water vapor flows out into Fang Yang\’s flesh and bones, He has recovered from the trauma of holding Zhao Xian\’s palm in front of him in the blink of an eye. \”Good thing!\” Fang Yang exclaimed and put away the remaining water treasures again. After all, even Kui mountain is happy to see and hunt. It can be placed together with dragon saliva wine. The effect of water precious fruit is really extraordinary. It was just a piece of flesh into his belly, which made Fang Yang only feel that his spiritual orifices were open, and countless mysterious Qi flowed up, greatly nourishing Fang Yang\’s inner house. With the help of the pulp effect, Fang Yang\’s state not only did not decrease at all, but was more prosperous than before. Zhao Xian looked at Fang Yang in amazement. He saw the improvement of Fang Yang\’s state with his own eyes. In a daze, his eyes were full of light: \”what did you swallow before? But the legendary water fruit?\” Fang Yang smiled: \”it\’s a bit of a wink.\” hearing this is the default words, and Zhao Xian was surprised and happy. The name of shuibaoguo, as the head of Mingyue lake, he has also heard that such treasures are rare and rare in the water system. Once taken, it can greatly improve the water attribute Xuanqi warrior. I didn\’t expect to see it on Fang Yang at this time. It was also greedy immediately. \”Bring it to me!\” Zhao Xian shouted. His killing intention and greedy heart were integrated together, which made him rush directly in front of Fang Yang without any hesitation. As long as you can kill this boy, you can not only work with Wan Qingtian, but also have great benefits. Naturally, you can\’t let go! At this point, Zhao Xian\’s body was full of mysterious Qi, and his meat palms turned blue. The water was sparkling, and there seemed to be a torrent of River gas in his hands, pouring out towards Fang Yang. As soon as Zhao Xianyi made a move, the strength of Tianyang territory was also revealed. However, in the face of such a strong opponent, Fang Yang\’s fighting intention also surged, not advancing but retreating. It happened that the pulp of the water precious fruit entered the belly, which stimulated the mysterious Qi in Fang Yang\’s house to burst out in an all-round way. It was because there was no way to vent. At this time, Zhao Xianchong was also the best. Fang Yang lifted the nine palace sword in his hand and greeted it with a bland sword. Boom!

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