Mother Chen, I miss mother Li so much. I don\’t want to come back. It\’s not good here at all. she choked. She was as long as a glutinous rice ball and her small head was little by little. It was really pity.

Looking at Tong Yu\’s departure, sun rukong\’s body also collapsed slightly. It seems that he has really lost his strength. Fang Yang hesitated a little, came over and said, \”you have the wood Qi of jiangbieshu in your body, which can seize vitality. Why don\’t you let me have a look? I\’m pure Yang Xuan Qi, which can be removed when I reach Yang.\” \”thank you.\” Sun rukong also knows his own situation. Due to his face, he can\’t say what he asks. It can be seen that Fang Yang will not refuse on his own initiative. Fang Yang is short and his right hand is close to sun rukong\’s wound. When Chunyang Xuanqi moves, he will cross into his body. Chunyang Xuanqi flows through his body and sees sun rukong\’s body wound clearly. He is even more shocked. He probes and goes down , I just feel that sun rukong\’s body has completely dried up. His internal organs have stagnated and his blood has dried up. He is half dead. There are countless hidden injuries in his body. The most troublesome thing is the wood Qi that devours his vitality. Fang Yang dare not neglect, but urges Chunyang Xuanqi to burn up and gradually eliminate the wood Qi in his body. After all, sun rukong also feels that the fresh Yang Xuanqi enters the body and burns the meridians It was very painful. His forehead was dripping with sweat, but he didn\’t hum with pain, which showed his perseverance. It took Fang Yang a quarter of an hour to remove all the wood Qi in sun rukong with the help of pure Yang Xuanqi. \”Thank you.\” Sun rukong was weak and whispered to Fang Yang. His physical condition was still very poor. He cleared the wood Qi, but the lost anger could not be recovered. He tried to sit still, but found that the inner house was empty, but he couldn\’t even use any mysterious Qi. At this time, monk Mingjing and Tong Yu who repaired the Dharma array rushed back, and they came to sun rukong together. \”The array has been repaired. I ordered the people in the regiment to guard around. If anything happens, they will give an early warning.\” Mingjing and Shang Dao. Sun rukong nodded slightly. Tong Yu looked worried: \”brother sun, are you okay? I have Huoyang pill, which is a good medicine for healing. Swallow it first.\” He took out a bottle of pure elixir filled with fire and gave it to sun rukong. Sun rukong waved his hand and looked dejected: \”my meridians were badly damaged and my internal organs were damaged. Even if I swallowed the elixir, it would be difficult for my body to absorb it. I\’m afraid it will take a few months for my body to heal itself before I can use the power of the elixir.\” \”A few months? How about that! Brother sun\’s spirit is seriously traumatized. If he doesn\’t help in time, even if he can recover later, his cultivation will be greatly reduced. At least a hundred years of hard training will be wasted.\” Tong Yu said anxiously. Monk Mingjing was also full of sorrow. The main reason why they were able to gather here and set up a residence was that sun rukong, the 64th in the Dragon list, could not resist any danger with their strength once sun rukong had something to do. Sun rukong had a bitter face, how could he be willing to watch his cultivation regress, only to encounter this kind of danger The situation is really helpless. \”I have something in my hand that should be useful.\” at this time, Fang Yang suddenly said. Tong Yu and monk Mingjing looked at it. The former still had a touch of doubt on his face, and obviously couldn\’t believe Fang Yang. \”If it\’s a pill, it\’s useless. I\’m empty and can\’t absorb the power of the pill.\” Sun rukong shook his head and said. Fang Yang turned his hand and took out the jade pot: \”it\’s not pills, it\’s wine.\”

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