Shen Xian was overjoyed when he heard the speech, and his previous grievances were gone.

When Shen\’s three swords sweep, he will show his three swords of the moon. When Fang Yang saw this, he stepped on the fire burning step and rushed in front of him. Before Shen Sansan\’s sword was used, the fire palm slapped it. It was a raging fire. It was just fierce and overbearing. It swept Shen Sansan\’s body in an instant. Shen Sansan was surprised and had to cross the sword to resist. Just when the sword blade contacted the palm strength, the palm strength burst and shocked him out in an instant, Before standing upright, Fang Yang\’s sword has been cut off. yin-yang! Black and white, the door of life and death is open. Shen San didn\’t expect Fang Yang to show such thunder means. He didn\’t even let him use his unique skills. He was swallowed up by the door of life and death. The sword was directly cut on his divine soul. Shen San was badly hurt and howled. It was too late to get rid of it. He could only watch his divine soul be pulled away and directly put into the door of life and death. The door was closed, and Shen San was left with a soulless body. Another sword killed Shen San. At this time, the remaining people were really frightened. The instant killing of Zhang Xinglong may have been achieved by using a unique secret method when Zhang Xinglong was unprepared, but Shen San died in front of them and was fully prepared. I can\’t stop it. What kind of cultivation is this? Several people were flustered, but Fang Yang didn\’t hesitate to kill. With a finger in his right hand, the sword shadow on the nine palace sword flew away, instantly surrounding the four people, on more than 400 sword blades, and the sword Qi flowed. \”Nine turn sword star!\” Fang Yang shouted, and the sword Qi on the blade floated and condensed the sword star. Countless swords converged and burst out on the surrounded four people in an instant. Chapter 646 blind eyes roar! Suddenly a great roar came from the quiet sea. The bright silver sword fell straight. Everywhere it passed, the vast sea was directly poked out of a huge vortex. The momentum here is not weaker than the fight between Tianjun and Jiandi. It can be seen that it is terrible. The sword Gang curled around and lasted for a full three breath, before it slowly dispersed. When the bright silver light disappeared, the four evil generals wrapped in it had already been destroyed! All this happened between lightning and flint. From Fang Yang\’s emergence from the yin-yang array to the time when he killed the Dragon man, killed Shen three and nine turn the sword star, and killed four people. As soon as he appeared, Fang Yang showed his thunder means and shocked the people. The faces of the evil spirits around him were pale. Fang Yang hunted with his sword and clothes, but it fell into their eyes as terrible as the gods and demons.

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