He asked coldly, are you afraid of me?

Fang Yang\’s face was peaceful and there was no emotion fluctuation in the face of such a situation. However, somehow, seeing such Fang Yang made Wang Shanming\’s heart burst, but now he couldn\’t pay too much attention. The five people went directly into the inner building. \”I\’ve heard a lot of news in the past three days. Now it\’s certain that Zhao Mingyi is indeed in Tianyan city and should have been detained by Jiang Tianyan.\” Wang Shanming opened the door to the mountain road. \”What are you waiting for? We\’ll kill them directly in Tianyan city and save them.\” Liao Fan said. Hao Shenglong\’s face flashed fiercely: \”By the way, kill all the sons of the Longyuan dynasty!\” Wang Shanming said in a deep voice: \”don\’t be impulsive. The Longyuan Dynasty has made a lot of capital and has many experts. I also passed the news with the hall leader. We should act separately.\” \”how can we act separately?\” Xu Zhen asked. He remained rational. As for Fang Yang, he stood quietly in place without saying a word, just like an outsider. Wang Shanming said: \”We act in two groups. One group goes to Tianyan city to rescue Zhao Ming and the other group wants to stop Jiang Tianyan from sending the woman to Tianbing city! We must not let the marriage succeed, otherwise if the Longyuan Dynasty really recruits the Binghai Dynasty, the power will increase again, which will do us harm but no benefit.\” \”stop? Stop Jiang Tianyan?\” Xu Zhen frowned. Jiang Tianyan\’s strength and reputation are outside, but how can they stop Zhao Mingyi, the leader of the earth hall, who was captured alive by him? Wang Shanming saw his doubts and said, \”don\’t worry, we don\’t act alone. Hall leader Hou will go there in person, and the main forces in Wutian alliance and Jianghe mountain villa will gather there.\” \”What\’s our task?\” Xu Zhen asked. \”Our main purpose is to provide support, stir up trouble in Tianyan City, provoke disputes, disperse the defense of Tianyan city and strive for opportunities for others.\” Wang Shanming said, \”Next, we will set out directly and go to Beishan city around Tianyan city first. There will be people from each of our three forces who will take part in the rescue operation. As for Hall Hou, they are going to ambush Jiang Tianyan.\” After all, they didn\’t have to go deep into Tianyan city to save people or face Jiang Tianyan, so they slowed down their mentality. Then they left again and called people to move towards Beihai city. This is no longer within the Dharma array ability of the Dragon chopping Association, So they disguised themselves as a business group and divided into three horse teams, which won\’t attract many people\’s attention. The three teams kept a half day\’s journey and set out towards Beishan city. Fang Yang sat quietly among them alone. As for the rest of the team, they mostly rode on horses and were vigilant around.

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