Servant, it seems that Miss Shen really doesn\’t want to shine at this party. so she was right for a moment.

Wansen noticed Fang Yang\’s mood change and was surprised: \”it seems that you should know better than I know.\” he swept Fang Yang up and down carefully, and suddenly found something, \”you swallowed Longyuan?\” Fang Yang didn\’t answer, which was a default. Wansen\’s expression became a little ugly. \”Don\’t you know the weirdness of Longyuan? You dare swallow it! You swallow Longyuan, but you will be controlled by Longyuan and become a puppet!\” he was angry and wanted to find a partner, but now Fang Yang swallowed Longyuan, it will also be controlled by Longyuan and can\’t help at all. \”Become a puppet?\” Fang Yang was surprised and immediately smiled, \”that\’s what happened. Is that why you came to me?\” \”you, you still laugh.\” Wansen\’s face was gloomy. Fang Yang shrugged: \”I didn\’t swallow Longyuan, but refined Longyuan.\” \”what\’s the difference.\” Wan Sen said in a deep voice. Fang Yang simply didn\’t explain any more. He just stepped out one step, the Yin and Yang dark Qi flowed around him, and gathered around him madly, so he could see that Fang Yang\’s Dharma phase was revealed and his height was ten feet. \”Now do you understand?\” His voice was thick and reverberating. Originally, we could see Fang Yang suddenly condensing the Dharma phase. Wansen thought he was going to fight and just wanted to defend. When he heard Fang Yang\’s words, he suddenly thought of something and said, \”you are not a dragon shaped Dharma phase!\” The person who swallowed Longyuan will be devoured by the Dragon yuan when he gets the enhancement of the dragon\’s power, and he will transform his Dharma phase into a dragon shape. At that time, the Dharma phase will be controlled by Longyuan because of the Dragon yuan. But now, Fang Yang\’s Dharma phase is still the same, which means that he will not be controlled by Longyuan? Wansen\’s eyes brightened when he thought of this \”I just turned the Red Dragon into my own combat power.\” Fang Yang moved his body, removed his Xuanqi, and changed his body into an ordinary size. \”It turns out that there is still this method.\” Wan Sen was brilliant and admired Fang Yang. At first, he only thought that he could get the power of the Dragon by swallowing the Dragon yuan, but he didn\’t expect Fang Yang to refine the Dragon yuan into his own pure power. It must be difficult to think about such a method. It took Fang Yang a lot of effort to do it. Now that Fang Yang is not controlled by the Dragon yuan of red dragon, For Wansen, the situation of cooperation will not change at all. \”Kill Longyuan together, are you interested in this cooperation?\” Wansen said frankly. Even if Fang Yang guessed his idea vaguely, he was surprised when he first heard this sentence. Wansen seemed to really have to fight. In a luxurious palace, six people gathered together.

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