Seeing that Cheng Xin didn\’t care at all, she was booing Qingyi, as if Qingyi were her own daughter. She sighed and went out with Mu Zhao.

This golden dragon halberd is a congenital mysterious treasure. On that day, when they were selected as Dragon King, they had a total of ten congenital Xuanbao to choose from. The earlier they were selected, they had the right to choose first, and the better they got. Dragon peerless is in the second place. The thing you choose is the Golden Dragon halberd! It is said that this golden dragon halberd is a magic weapon made of a golden dragon cast into the furnace and refined with its own flesh and bones. This thing is naturally spiritual and powerful. As long as the dragon power is blessed and the Golden Dragon halberd, it can produce a strong edge power. With the edge blessing, nothing can resist such an attack. Golden Dragon halberd is born with the characteristics of breaking gang. Even if the opponent\’s body protecting Gang Qi is strong, as long as the Golden Dragon halberd comes out, it will only hurt you! It is because of such a powerful weapon that the deep dragon likes it unparalleled. At this time, using this weapon is obviously going to kill Fang Yang! Dragon peerless showed his golden dragon Dharma phase, but under one shot after another, he was still Fang Yang, who could not be hurt. He had long held back his anger. Fang Yang\’s figure can swim freely in the sea of thunder and lightning, and is not affected by the environment here. What\’s more troublesome is his strong protection. Because Fang Yang refined the red dragon Yuan and obtained such defensive means as burning fire scales, the previous attacks hit him without leaving any trauma to Fang Yang. It is also because of this that the dragon is determined to use it. With the help of Golden Dragon halberd, his fire scale will have no effect! \”Fang Yang, you\’ve been rampant for too long, and it\’s time to come to the end!\” within the Golden Dragon Dharma phase, the dragon\’s unparalleled explosion sounded, and then he saw the Golden Dragon\’s mouth open and the Dragon breathed out. However, the dragon breath sprayed out this time did not come towards Fang Yang, but all sprayed on the Golden Dragon halberd. The dragon power is boiling, and the Golden Dragon halberd immediately flows with light, which is bright and beautiful. Under the influence of dragon power, the Dragon shadow on the Golden Dragon halberd floats and is completely fresh. Then he saw that the Golden Dragon halberd flew out immediately, and the target had been directly locked on Fang Yang. Fang Yang frowned. When the Golden Dragon halberd emerged, he could feel how strong the breath on the long halberd was. Nothing could resist it. Having fought with so many Dragon Kings, I have also seen strange and different congenital Xuanbao, but it is very aggressive. At present, except for the five fire spirit beads, it is only the Golden Dragon halberd in front of me. Since it is something that can be in the hands of dragon matchless, Fang Yang can\’t underestimate it! He shook his wrist and cut it out with a sword. Dragon snake!

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