Then Mu Zhao said, your mother has a fixed meal time. You\’re too late.

\”What? Am I wrong?\” she looked down on these rich and capable little girls. I don\’t know what shit luck I\’ve had! Li Siyu said coldly, \”Oh, what? Can you live? Do you know how many houses you can build? Can you buy them?\” others also noticed here, saw two people standing there and heard what they said. \”I said Xiao Bao, what are you doing in charge of people\’s family affairs? Even if you care about others at ordinary times, do you know other people\’s girls?\” a woman familiar with women said sarcastically. \”No, people you know don\’t care about you. You should let everyone preach.\” other people who knew the little treasure mother began to accuse her. Li Siyu ignored her. This kind of person has all ages. If he is lack of ability, he blames others with morality. You\’re poor. You can\’t afford it. Are you justified? Xiao baoniang\’s face turned red when others said, and the last man covered with coal ash pulled her away. \”I\’m so convinced. It\’s OK to point fingers at us at ordinary times. Everyone wants to say something to see who\’s better off than her.\” people on the side are saying, looking back at the man who continues to line up from time to time. Li Siyu didn\’t care. He continued to line up and stood for half an hour. Finally, she arrived. \”You also want to divide rooms.\” Chang Xueqin was surprised to see her, but then she began to routine and record. \”Four hundred dollars!\” Chang Xueqin whispered, and immediately took it into the money box. The workers around also saw it, and there were envious, jealous and hateful eyes for a time. Several more women looked at her poorly and chattered behind her. \”Thank you.\” Li Siyu took the receipt and a manual, and then went back to the office. On the way back, Li Siyu met Xiao baoniang again. She looked at the paper in Li Siyu\’s hand jealously. \”Did you earn so much money? Your parents let you live in vain. I don\’t know how to save.\”

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