Shen Ling hesitated for a moment and finally nodded.

\”OK.\” the two sat in the living room. Lin Cheng went to make Li Siyu a cup of milk powder and put it in front of her. \”Do you still have this kind of thing?\” she looked at it. It should be a temporary place to settle down. There is no sign of permanent residence. Lin Cheng also poured himself a glass of milk powder and said, \”this is where I often come to live, so I like to drink this thing.\” Li Siyu nodded and took a sip, then he was a little surprised. This is different from the milk powder you usually drink? It\’s a bit like the one in her space. Well, people pay for it, whatever. Lin Cheng looked at her with a smile and said, \”how about it? It\’s good to drink?\” can things in future generations not be good to drink? Li Siyu nodded faintly and then thought that he didn\’t have to exchange food for money? She has the materials in the space that can be sold by Lincheng for her, which saves her exposure. Lin Cheng saw that she didn\’t speak, so he sat opposite and looked at her. The little daughter-in-law is so beautiful. Her eyes are so big and shining. Li Siyu thought for a moment and said, \”I have a batch of things for you to sell. How about it?\” the little daughter-in-law was really \”ah?\” Lin Cheng suddenly heard what she said, but didn\’t listen carefully. \”I said, I have a batch of things for you to sell.\” Li Siyu looked at him speechless. How can this man be distracted as soon as he was with her? When Lin Cheng heard her words, he was stunned. \”What thing?\” \”it\’s just some mess.\” there are a lot of things in her space, and she has everything out, so it\’s not limited to what it is.

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