Then I will order today\’s meal.

Li Siyu sighed. It\’s hard for little people to do anything, especially if they don\’t have a backer. Chapter 187 Wei Si appeared. Li Siyu, who came off work at night, was lack of interest. He said hello and went straight back to the dormitory. He was too tired today. It\’s better to go to bed early. It\’s important for the dog\’s life. Lin Cheng returned to his house and saw Wang Tiesheng and Li Kang playing with soybean oil, so he asked, \”how\’s the sale?\” \”Very good. Many people want to buy that can, but we limit it. They can\’t buy it.\” Wang Tiesheng smacked his mouth and replied. Lin Cheng gave them two cans before, so everyone had eaten them. They felt very delicious. They didn\’t even have any fruit here all year round. They didn\’t give up buying cans during the Spring Festival. Moreover, several things in this can were much better than the canned peaches and hawthorn sold by the supply and marketing cooperatives. Lin Cheng Nodding, he said, \”where will Wei Si wait tomorrow?\” he suddenly changed the subject. Li Kang looked up and replied, \”it\’s the state-owned hotel at the intersection. It\’s in the box on the second floor at 12 noon.\” after they packed the soybean oil, they both sat at the table, \”boss, is Wei Si sure?\” Li Kang asked uncertainly. Wei Si is black-and-white in Baicheng and has certain strength in the black market. To cooperate with him is undoubtedly to seek skin from the tiger. \”Look, it can\’t always be the same.\” Lin Cheng just said such a sentence. Then he remembered something and said, \”find two people and beat Xu Weinan of the municipal government and teach him a lesson.\” I\’ve lived enough to provoke his little daughter-in-law. He has to make Xu Weinan pay a price. Li Kang smiled and said, \”I\’m so good at this kind of thing. Let me do it.\” \”HMM.\” Lin Cheng nodded. Li Kang was very good at these things. Wang Tiesheng was more suitable for selling and collecting things. The next morning, Li Siyu went to work in lack of interest and put on a polite smile in the office. No matter what happened yesterday, he couldn\’t keep his emotions on him all the time. People still have to look forward.

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