Suddenly the room was quiet again.

Pockmarked face is still bullying soft and afraid of hard, so when he heard Qin Chuan\’s words, he ran away immediately. \”Thank you, classmate Qin.\” Li Siyu thanked him. Just now she was not impulsive to provoke pockmarked face, because Lin Cheng beat them. Even if Li Siyu showed counseling, that pockmarked face would not let him go. It\’s better to be tough. If he really dares to do it, she\’ll electrocute him with a small stick. Qin Chuan scratched his head, smiled and nodded. \”It\’s all right. How could he entangle you?\” Li Siyu thought about it and said the previous thing. She said: \”when I had dinner with my object outside the state-owned hotel, I met this person to pick a problem. My object beat him, and then I remembered my revenge.\” Qin Chuan nodded awkwardly when he knew, \”Then remember not to come out at night. This person always takes advantage of female students and goes out every night.\” of course, Li Siyu knows she can\’t be alone. She has only one electric stick to use. If this person knocks on the stick, she will be abandoned. \”OK, thank you. I\’ll go first.\” Li Siyu keeps it in mind. It\’s a personal feeling. Although he just did it easily, he offended the pockmarked face for her. When he returned to the dormitory, Li Siyu drew his curtains and went into the space. Tomorrow is the weekend, and she has to sell things. Today, she\’s going to look around to see if there\’s a suitable house while she doesn\’t have classes in the afternoon. She has a small deposit of 10000 yuan Li Siyu\’s house in Baicheng is only 1000 yuan, and it\’s enough to double it here. After buying a house, she doesn\’t intend to live outside. One is that she is very unsafe, and the other needs money to decorate the house. After two years, she has to go back to Baicheng if she doesn\’t go to school My house is also deserted, and the decoration is also a waste. After changing his clothes, Li Siyu packed up his things, so he went out with his bag on his back. The pockmarked face standing outside the school gate brightened his eyes when he saw Li Siyu coming out. He needs to clean up this smelly woman. It seems that she was the same one he met that night. It will spoil him!

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