His eyes flickered and the sky opened, and all of Shanghai\’s mind was thrown into the battle, and this time he was in a state of being completely selfless. Every time he wielded the evil spirit spear, he opened the door to the realm. Reach the ultimate power.

Without saying anything, the man surnamed continued to cut, his speed slowed down a lot, and his expression looked a little condensed.After rebuilding, as the whitish layer was slowly cut off, there was a light inside, and then a bright light emerged, shining on everyone\’s faces.The treasure is out…Really out of treasure!The crystals purchased by the six hundred top grade Yuanjing turned out to be treasures. This luck is too bad. The gamblers were full of envy. Seeing the intensity of this treasure, it is worth more than tens of thousands. If If you are lucky, you may be able to find treasures worth more than one hundred thousand.A return of more than a hundred times, this is the charm of the existence of a gambling house. It is not a dream to get rich overnight. Of course, almost 90% of them will go bankrupt and even have debts. Getting rich overnight is only a very small probability.Haha… The man surnamed Ling laughed wildly. Unexpectedly, I didn\’t expect to use six hundred high-grade Yuanjing to make a treasure.I\’m afraid that kid is going to vomit blood now.The thought of the appearance of the other party vomiting blood makes the man ecstatic, whether it is the treasure or the other party\’s loss, it can make him feel extremely excited and excited.Keep on driving!Yes, come on!Under the urging of everyone, the man with the surname surnamed in a very happy mood continued to cut, Baoguang became stronger and stronger, and a quaint storage bracelet slowly emerged.This is……Ancient Tier Storage Bracelet…In ancient times, the storage bracelets of the predecessors were generally worn by the semi-sage master level. If there are one or two Tao implements or treasures in this storage bracelet, this guy will definitely send it out. The envy in everyone\’s eyes has become I\’m jealous.The hearts of the men surnamed and the others couldn’t help beating. The strength of the semi-saint masters in the ancient times was so extraordinary, and the treasures of that era were much more precious than the current era, even if it was an ancient artifact. It is also priceless.More than just making a profit, it\’s simply making a lot of money.Brother Ling, today you are going out of luck. The man in the purple robe envied.Hurry up and see what\’s inside. The other three urged.Um!

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