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This is the first time Shanghai has encountered a king of the sky-shaking level, and the technique used by the other party is extremely mysterious, even if the technique used by Yuanao in the past is different from it, it is not known by many levels.Zhonghuang is indeed a place where dragons and tigers are hidden. When such characters are placed in the four regions of the Great Wilderness, they are all one of the sweepers, and there are obviously more than one such characters.Ling Xuanhao\’s five fingers slightly grasped, and the twisted void of Baili was completely held by him. As his wrist slowly turned, the twisted void actually turned, and waves of terrifying force came out and crushed it. Shanghai.suddenly!There are millions of light spots in Shanghai, and in these light spots, there is a powerful explosive force.This is……Basic magic!Lingxuanhao and Lingxuanhao suddenly appeared surprised, and they naturally recognized it, because they had also learned it. This is the most widely spread basic magical skill among the ancient protoss, but to be honest, the power of this skill is still too weak, compared to the others. The top-level exercises cultivated by cultivators are a bit worse.Of course, the basic magic skills are not only spread among the ancient gods, but also in some ancient families. There are also some jade slips accidentally left by senior figures, and there are basic magic skills, although there are few ordinary practitioners. Some people can cultivate, but not without them.boom……Millions of light points condensed into one body, onHai punched out, Dacheng\’s basic magical skill \”explosive skill\” was thoroughly brought into full play.The twisted and revolving void was smashed to a halt. Immediately after countless overflowing light spots burst the twisted positions one after another. Shanghai was shaken back for a while, and his chest suddenly sank. Qi and blood are surging endlessly.The realm is different, and the opponent is still the strength of the King of Heaven, so Shanghai suffered a small loss.But at this moment, both Lingxuanhao\’s hearts were full of shock.Brother, is this the power of basic magic skills?The power of the basic magical skills is not so great. Even if I have cultivated to a great level, I can\’t exert one percent of this power. This should not be a basic magical skill, but what the other party has learned is a kind of basic magical skill. The more powerful magical skills extended… Ling Xuanhao said solemnly. He was not ashamed of being broken when one move was broken. On the contrary, he looked at Shanghai with some surprise.I blocked this move. Shanghai said can go now.Ling Xuanhao nodded slightly. He had previously passed Shanghai as long as Shanghai could block his move. Now that the opponent blocks it, he will naturally not break his words, and there is no need to break his words.

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