This is something that no one can imitate. Even the famous Ba Yu and other characters in the ancient protoss in the past are about to become useless, because they are still working hard to step into the Earth Sha, even though Ba Yu has reached They are at the Disha level, but they are only at the bottom level. Compared to their age, this level of abilities is already very good.

Torn the Void…Shanghai’s pupils shrank slightly. More than that, the opponent used Dacheng\’s shock technique, and what Shanghai knows is only Xiaocheng\’s or above, and it is far from reaching the level of Dacheng\’s. What\’s more weird is the opponent\’s shock technique. The power contained in the tremor is actually a rudimentary form of the power of chaos, the only thing that is missing is the power of the blood of the ancient demon in it.FTLN 0791 You are a wicked manIn an instant!Shanghai felt great pressure, and this pressure did not make him timid, on the contrary, he was even more excited. This self secret realm is indeed an excellent place to hone his magical skills. Only the fourth level of the \”self\” is He has mastered the \”shock technique\” that he has not yet grasped.What if it is the fifth floor? I am afraid that he has a higher control over the basic magic skills, and above this, there are six to ten levels.I don\’t know who left this self secret realm, is it an ancient power with great talent? Shanghai thought in his heart.Go back, you are not my opponent. \”Intrinsic self\” said slowly.It\’s not necessarily your opponent, but it\’s a shame to just retreat like this.Shanghai\’s eyes condensed, he stood up, turned into a light, and smashed out with a punch in the air, bursting out with a million points of power.The \”self\” didn\’t say much, and shot directly.Boom…The two are constantly intertwined, the same basic magical skills, but in the hands of the \”self\”, the power is more powerful, and Shanghai has found out where the gap between itself and the \”self\” is based on the sense of heaven.Although his basic magic skills have achieved great success, he has not yet reached the state of free heart in the application. In addition, he feels that the \”self\” is better than his own in the application of basic magic skills. More natural, and more freely.Although Shanghai can use the blood of the ancient demon and the power of chaos to defeat the opponent, his purpose here is not to hit a higher level, but to cultivate his basic magic skills. He did not use the blood of the ancient demon to suppress the opponent, but Fight directly with basic magic skills.Bang bang bang…With the constant fighting, Shanghai was shaken open one after another, the blood in his body was surging, and a puff of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth, but his eyes showed a fierce fighting spirit.continue!The corner of Shanghai\’s mouth turned slightly, and he focused on fighting with the \”self\”. Every time he fought, he could gain a little insight. Compared with the third level, the fourth level was for him to hone his basic god. Skills and tailor-made.Of course, thanks to his natural sense.

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